December 30, 2016

Putin discusses American foreign policy.

This man haunts the nightmares of our ruling neocons. It's just one speech but as you watch and listen to Mr. Putin, does he strike you as unintelligent, as impetuous, as lacking insight into what the U.S. has been doing?

Compare his words and delivery to this moronic segment involving the glib, clueless Bill O'Reilly and the unhinged Ralph Peters, FoxNews's golden boy:

This is what passes for state-of-the-art media geopolitical analysis on America's premiere cable news channel.

O'Reilly (on how he'd interview Putin): "You're a guy who used to removed fingernails from people. Ok? The KBG interrogator. How's the best way to get my thumb fingernail off? What do you use? A nail file?" (1:54).

O'Reilly: "You got to shake him up. Because he thinks he's the coolest cat in town." (2:06)

Peters: "He's ugly. He's ruthless. He's vicious." (2:46)

Peters: "The smallest of [the things Putin wants] is to humiliate Obama. He just doesn't like Obama. He's a racist. Period." (2:58)

O'Reilly: "He wants Assad the tyrant, butcher, brutal, chemical weapons guy to stay." (4:05)

Peters: "Putin's military sucks. The Russian military's a basket case. But, it is brutal . . . ." (4:51)

Russian military.

It's not simply that other nations have no legitimate interests. The interests of other nations are in fact interests that are exclusively hostile to those of the U.S. The duty of other nations is to defer to U.S. interests as identified by the U.S. treason class. The exceptional, indispensable nation speaks and there will compliance.

Any foreign leader who opposes U.S. interests is ugly, ruthless, and vicious.

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