17 February 2017

A recent comment of mine on Islam and the West.

I cross post most of my articles on Liberty's Torch thanks to the kindness of Fran Poretto and take much time to comment at length elsewhere on the web. More often than not I neglect my own blog and I think I should reproduce some of those comments just to have more content here.

This is a comment I just posted over on Liberty's Torch that states the essence of my views on mass Muslim migration to the West and the insanity of the Treason Class in promoting and defending it:

It's a philosophically confused Western world these days, is it not?

As I say ad nauseum, the existence of huge numbers of foreigners inside your borders was throughout human history considered a disaster, a result of the catastrophic failure of the armies of the nation or the tribe. Today, the Treason Class trumpets this as an unalloyed blessing.

Similarly, the Muslim who daily says

(1) my religion dictates the establishment and preservation of a savage, rotting, moribund culture;

(2) you are filth;

(3) slavery, sexual mutilation, child abuse, and war on the infidel are acceptable and expected;

(4) vigilante murder of apostates is required; and

(5) infidel laws and customs are garbage

is embraced as a precious being, simply an amazing gift to any Western country.

Not only do the Treason Class (the globalists, the George Soroses, the Barbara Spectres, the Merkels, the Loefvens, and the Peter Sutherlands) embrace the unvarnished Muslim knowing full well the putrid reality of the breed but they hunt down and persecute anyone who dares to reveal the truth, who objects to extinguishment and dhimmitude and to the snipe hunt for that most elusive of creatures, the "moderate Muslim."

Swift captured a sliver of this madness in his depiction of the floating island of Laputa though even there he was only focusing on folly not malevolence and treason.

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