April 7, 2017

Assad as cretin hypothesis.

Nobody thought to ask the obvious question [about the chemical attack on Khan Sheikhoun]: “Why would [Syrian president] Assad do such a thing?” Syria was en route to a new round of peace talks. More importantly, she was about to enter negotiations in which the usual American, British and French demands that “Assad must go!” were to be, for the first time since the Syrian Civil War broke out in earnest, quietly put to one side. Having won the war on the ground, the Assad regime was on the brink of clearing away its enemies’ unrealistic preconditions. Finally, a serious conversation about Syria’s future could begin.

And yet, we are being invited to believe that, with all this at stake, President Assad ordered the use of Sarin gas on his own citizens. Somehow, instigating a reprehensible war crime against women and children was going to strengthen his moral authority. Somehow, by revolting the entire world, he would improve his chances of being accepted as Syria’s legitimate ruler. Somehow, by embarrassing the Russian Federation, his country’s most valuable military ally, he would enhance Syria’s national security. The whole notion is absurd.[1]

It is.

[1] "Gas Attack In Khan Sheikhoun! But why would Bashar al-Assad blow himself up?" By Chris Trotter, The Daily Blog, 4/5/17.

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