25 May 2017

Suicide by learned jurist.

Regarding the 10-3 en banc decision of the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit upholding the U.S. District Court injunction against President Trump’s executive order regarding travel and immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries:
The majority then launches into a litany of quotes from President Trump, his advisers, and his campaign website made during and after the election season of 2016, as proof that the travel ban represents a government “purpose” to favor one religion over another. Relying on Establishment Clause precedent that has never been applied in the immigration context, the court decided that the administration’s proffered purpose of keeping Americans safe from terrorism was a mere pretext for disfavoring the Islamic faith.[1]
God forbid that anyone would be so perverse as to conclude that Islam is rotten to its core and that anyone who calls himself a Muslim is a conscious adherent of a savage death cult that makes murder a sacrament.

And thus has no business in any civilized country.

[1] "Travel Ban Blocked Again, Possible Supreme Court Showdown." By Ian Mason, Breitbart, 5/25/17.


paul scott said...

When the President made this order, he quoted directly from that legislation which provided his authority to do so. I am at a loss how these circuit court judges csn over riule the rule of law . paul scott new zealand

Col. B. Bunny said...

It's stunning to think that the chief executive does not have the ability to distinguish between different classes of possible entrants. All the more so given the carte blanche authority of the applicable legislation. No to mention Islam being exactly the religion we must discriminate against. Is not dhimmitude the brainchild of those fools? But Westerners are supposed to twist themselves into pretzels to accommodate people who laugh at our naive reverence for their "faith."

Our Congress is no better. Power to manage "health care" is not one of enumerated powers granted to Congress but $100 for every Congressman who's bothered to raise that point. Maybe Ted Cruz or Rand Paul.