14 May 2017

The power of the Deep State.

The ruling establishment is too strong and too deeply entrenched on both sides of the Atlantic to allow for any departure from the elite consensus on an important issue. That much is clear from Trump’s serial U-turns—on détente with Russia, on regime change in Syria, on the future of NATO and the usefulness of the European Union, on NAFTA and the grand strategy of global dominance.[1]
Pres. Trump's U-turn on these matters reflects either an extraordinarily dishonest and opportunistic personality or the extraordinary power of The Establishment or the Deep State, or the moneyed interests, frame it how you will.

I don't care for the character-assassination style of American politics or the ad hominem fixation of the left in practically every debate. Trump's not a man who seems to be a conceptual thinker and his use of Twitter may fairly be said to reveal a certain impulsiveness and unwillingness to stay focused on what is really important. That said, it has served him well in enabling him to bypass the media and speak directly to millions in ways that I don't quite grasp, having as I do no interest in "tweeting" anything. My blog is narcissistic enough as it is.

However, I think Trump is possessed of considerable common sense, is a kind and decent man, and is possessed of a visceral patriotism that I think millions of his supporters understood very clearly. When you think about a man like French president Macron (and Sarkozy and Hollande before him) you see complete contempt for the nation he leads. Obama was the same. A cipher who lived to abase himself before the nearest hotel doorman or jumped up prince who happened to be born on top of several gigatons of oil and gas. Trump is not any of that.

MAGA and the absence of any desire to play in the globalist sandbox are sincerely held precepts of his.

Thus, Trump's actions are explicable only by positing enormous political power wielded by his opponents in the Deep State, particularly as his opponents have the power to destroy what he has built in his business career. So far as I know, Trump's electoral victory was obtained without his having to kowtow to big money. However, the fortune that enabled him to get elected may be what ultimately makes him vulnerable to financial retaliation. As you may have read, Soros and others have reportedly forgiven Trump "hundreds of millions of dollars" in debt[2] and Soros has also reported given Trump's son-in-law a $250 million line of credit.

These are examples of positive inducements. I am sure there are negative ones that Trump did not foresee . . . and which have been hinted at.

The ominous thing in all of this is what Trifkovic raised without further discussion: the possibility that people who don't fancy their ancestral home's becoming a third-world latrine and no-go zone for whites will conclude that elections cannot change things.

An odd development for a civilization that has chased the universal franchise like the Holy Grail.

[1] " Macron's Victory: A Dark Day for Europe View all posts from this blog." By Srdja Trifkovic, Chronicles, 5/10/17.
[2] Link provided only to raise the issue of debt forgiveness not to highlight any of the other allegations in the linked article.

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