03 June 2017


Another out-of-the-blue terror attack in London today. Authorities flummoxed as to motive, of course.

It was clear centuries ago that Islam is a malevolent force in this world. Just as obviously, Muslims today use our laws against us to obtain a protection for their subversion and terror, and thus to achieve their time-honored goals from within our countries. However, our laws were intended for white, Christian Europeans and Americans not for barely civilized Muslims (and Africans).

This thought -- lawfare -- is perplexing to Western morons who never met a foreigner they didn't want to worship or a white Western country they didn't want to destroy. Sensible, patriotic people resent being played for chumps by people who hate our guts.

The great Islamic religion points the way to a solution -- second-class status for infidels, otherwise known as People of the Book when we're talking about Christians and Jews. Dhimmi status for infidels any Muslims don't care to exterminate is just bedrock doctrine for adherents of the great Prophet. Thus, there's no Muslim objection to creating an identical status for Muslims that is just as uncomfortable, unpleasant, and humiliating for them. Too, we know how justice is one of the concepts dearest to the heart of all Muslims, so they can appreciate the principle of do unto others as they actually do unto you.

Similarly, Muslims who offend the honor of any infidel need to be dealt with according to the tried and true Muslim device of the "honor killing." A healthy Western country would not tolerate casual, extra-legal murder on the part of savages. While our countries are unhealthy we need stern justice to regain our health.

Of course, the chorus of saps who wet their pants over foreigners will howl in dismay at my workable suggestions, interim as they may be while the overall problem of Muslims and Africans in our societies is dealt with.

In the meantime, after each new terror event, we'll have more of the hours and hours of cable news images of police milling around, ambulances carting away the dead and wounded, deadly earnest chalk line drawing, resolute yellow tape stringing, and spiffy police supers talking about after-the-fact reactive measures and the impermissibility of even daring to think that Muslims and lunatic immigration policies are the ONLY reason why such tragedies take place.

Theresa May is even now ordering in a twenty-five pound bouquet to place on some London street, preferably without any icky blood from any of the victims to get on her shoes. This is what will pass for a draconian crack down on the part of the Conservative Party. The Catholic Church will be asked to dip into emergency stocks of votive candles to tide the government over until replacements can be shipped in from Hong Kong on a priority basis. Muslims will know that the government is deadly serious then. Look out now, you swine!


Dymphna said...

Jes' my little PC self, but I must defend my black neighbors, Christian and law-abiding. Western culture ain't jes' for whites anymore. Ask our Hindu readers and donors.

Not that the FDR/LBJ plantation socialism wasn't destructive; it was. But it no longer encompasses all blacks. Ask Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, etc.

My opinion as to why Islam is so malign: Partly it's the tribal polygamy, leaving many men with no hope of ever establishing a family (poverty in India does the same, and men rent out their wives. (but it's the Muslims who still rape in that country, not the Hindus). Second, Islam believes in the blank slate infant and child. Any kind of sexual pleasure one derives from using them as depositories doesn't "do any harm" because "kids" don't remember anything. Of course, if you damage the goods, you owe a serious blood libel to the parents.

Just consider the consequences of universal infant and child sexual abuse. What it causes, in the end, is men who tell us they love death more than life. And so they do, for good limbic reasons.

I don't think it can be remedied, but people once thought that about all blacks, so who knows?

Col. B. Bunny said...

I agree that Western culture is for anyone who wants to adopt it but the great experiment in integration is as much as a failure as the great experiment in multiculturalism.

The black problem is sui generis as the ancestors of blacks did not choose to come here but the immense and sincere effort to incorporate blacks as equal citizens in a white culture is a terrible failure. People of any race or culture who rise above themselves to become ladies and gentlemen are worthy of respect but the reality of black culture in the U.S. is such that those who will do that are few in proportion to the resentful, sullen mass who have no intention ever to improve themselves.

School expenditures in D.C. and Baltimore are instructive as no honest person can look at the results achieved and say what is seen is anything but the handwriting on the wall. "We will not bow to the white man or adopt white thinking."

That is their destiny and ours and it will follow as the night the day that if an American city approaches or becomes majority black it will become a garbage- and crime-filled slum. No exceptions. Guaranteed, just as it is guaranteed that there will be zero black assumption of responsibility and a torrent of outrage over white perfidy. "Whitey keepin' us down!"

A hundred years from now that will be the grim reality. Heather MacDonald's message will never, ever change.

God bless Hindus who contribute to your site. I would be willing to contribute to Hindu sites in India that swim against the tide of Muslim encroachment. That said, it would never occur to me that India should open its borders to millions of white, American immigrants.

If you also mean that Western lands aren't just for whites anymore I will have to disagree. That the U.S. has seen its white majority reduced from something like 90% to 67% is a result of a monstrous betrayal and nothing requires whites to accept that 67% -- and less -- are immutable benchmarks. Whites do not have to meekly accept what has been done to them by their disgraceful elites. We do not have to accept a destiny that requires us to live in a third-world slum.

Europe is the same. Nothing requires Europeans to accept that the tide of black and brown immigration must meekly be accepted. The betrayal there has been even worse.

Your theories on Muslim malignity are plausible. We all spin our wheels to try to understand the source of this great evil. I rather think it is the core doctrines that command the "other" to be treated with contempt, exploited, enslaved, or killed. The system of ethics is frozen in the juvenile and stilted views of the winning Islamic jurists of the 11th century. Islam has remained vicious, cruel and backward ever since with zero amelioration by more humane views. There are no humane views in Islam. Islam is defined by the actions of its majority notwithstanding the phenomenon of Ayan Hirsi and others who have chosen a broader path.