30 June 2017

The joke that is American public life.

Thursday’s appearance by fired FBI Director James Comey before the Senate Intelligence Committee has raised the anti-Russian hysteria in the US media to a new level. The former head of the US political police denounced supposed Russian interference in the US elections as a dire threat to American democracy. “They’re going to come for whatever party they choose to try and work on behalf of,” he warned. “And they will be back… they are coming for America.”

None of the capitalist politicians who questioned him challenged the premise that Russia was the principal enemy of the United States, or that Russian hacking was a significant threat to the US electoral system. None of them suggested that the billions funneled into the US elections by Wall Street interests were a far greater threat to the democratic rights of the American people.[1]

The media are obsessed with supposed Trump "collusion" with Russia but are strangely uninterested in the millions that flooded into the Clinton Foundation from foreign governments and the stunning "speaking fees" landing in the pockets of Hillary and Bill for nothing burger speeches. Speeches that were made to certain entities, let us note, with an intense interest in what money just might flow their way from friendly federal officials sometime in the unknowable future.

Hillary stridently proclaimed that if Trump were not to accept the result of the election it would be a "direct threat to our democracy" but the Democrat royalty haven't internalized that particular message. "Resist we much," I suppose Al Sharpton would say.

Too, Israel routinely dictates to Washington on matters of interest to it and this promptly becomes "American foreign policy." For some reason, this is considered a controversial statement.

So Democrat obstructionism, press lies, an astonishing media monopoly, foreign and domestic big money sloshing around Congress and the highest levels of the federal government, and AIPAC's ability to orchestrate standing ovations for Benjamin Netanyahu in Congress all glide under the surface of public debate like a hippo in the Limpopo River. But, oh boy, those @#$%& Russians. They interfered in our pristine electoral process.

Regardless of the issue, America's political elite can be relied on to focus on what things are irrelevant and a gold-plated distraction from what are existential threats. Discrimination against foreign Muslims anyone? The impossibility of obtaining voter ID? Sanctuary cities? The positive contribution of job-stealing illegal immigrants? The right to determine the future of Syria? White privilege? Climate change? Diversity? Russia's drive for world domination? You bet!

[1] "The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!" By J.C., Counter Information, 6/13/17.

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