11 August 2017

"Neocon" defined.

"Neocon" is a squishy term, or at least has been in the past. Today its meaning is firming up some. However, the following list of neocon passions brings to the fore the defining element – political actions that are mysterious to voters and utterly divorced from rational policies of non-interference in the affairs of others, avoidance of fantastic expense in the pursuit of vague goals, abandonment of any kind of a Lone Ranger desire for "leadership" on the world stage, and avoidance of stupid and artificial disputes with nuclear powers:
Within hours of Trump’s emergence as the putative Republican nominee, the Never Trump cadres initiated numerous rearguard actions designed to elect Clinton, whom they correctly saw as the candidate who would implement their neocon foreign policy of regime change, nation-building, humanitarian intervention, meddling in foreign civil wars and domestic affairs, spreading democracy, confronting Russia, maintaining America’s state of perpetual covert and overt war, and requiring the continued presence of hundreds of thousands of troops in every corner of the globe costing billions of taxpayer dollars.[1]
Missing from the list is commitment to the foreign policy goals of Israel. In my opinion nothing we've done in the Middle East make any sense unless you understand that the U.S. is at the beck and call of Israel and its AIPAC enablers. Overall, however, neocon means more than a slavish adherence to the needs of Israel. Something else is in there that has a lot to do with the military-industrial-congressional complex. It's not about any gas pipeline for Qatar.

Primarily, I am incensed by having unelected people dictate policies that have never been put to the American electorate. Neocon policies are not policies that American voters have approved. Period. Who are these people that say we should be waging war against Syria with over 400,000 civilian deaths on our account? We bitch and moan about a relative handful of casualties in bogus chemical weapons incidents but don't even blink as 100s of thousands of civilian deaths are added to the reckoning of the cost of our dirty policies. Policies that are unconstitutional and that further our aggressive war in Syria.

Just about every aspect of American politics and 100% of European politics are devoted to the needs of foreigners, minorities, globalists, mega-corporations, and the banksters. The needs and wishes of the founding people of all these countries is a matter of indifference to their governing classes.

[1] "How Romney Loyalists Hijacked Trump’s Foreign Policy. Those who play the game by establishment rules are waived in. Those who would challenge the status quo are kept out." By Ron Maxwell, The American Conservative, 7/31/17.

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