03 August 2017

Time for a sustained counterattack.

Most of the time Pres. Trump seems to be in a reactive mode when the Dems throw a punch or or the cuckservatives leave him twisting in the wind (which is most of the time). Commenter Wind_Racer suggests a way for him to go on the offensive:
The list of Clinton/DNC crimes and suspicious activities continues to grow. What we need is for the President to detail TO THE NATION (in a speech which the MSM will be unable to ignore) some of the Democrat Party's most egregious crimes, and then DETAIL their wholesale destruction of emails, computer data, and electronic equipment - WHEN, WHERE AND BY WHOM.

The crimes and subsequent coverup may not hold up in court, but if instead of broad claims, Trump can give Americans facts that they can hold onto - facts they can discuss over dinner - details to use in arguments with Democrats, then those crimes could significantly erode public support for this most corrupt party. It will also help him fend off coming attacks by Comey/Mueller/Rose[n]stein by demonstrating that they are not interested in real crimes.[1]

It's hardly rocket science. But where is the White House push back? Where is Bannon? Don't they have a Top Ten Transgressions list by now?

Dems and their lickspittle pals in the press are indeed not interested in real crimes. They are certainly not interested in the Clintons' WalMart/Amazon/Coke/Pepsi-sized pay-to-play arrangements with Goldman-Sachs and every foreign government on the planet west of Freedonia. No! It's the utterly bogus claim of Trump's "collusion" with the Russians that absorbs their attention. No one from the Post Office tried to trash Sharyl Attkisson's computer and when did the IRS abuse anyone?

For a classic example of how far the media will go to jam 40 lbs. of "collusion" flapdoodle into the proverbial 30-lb. blivet you can't beat this Washington Post headline:

Trump ends covert CIA program to arm anti-Assad rebels in Syria,
a move sought by Moscow

Yes, that's right. Moscow also wants something that common sense and decency require so Trump is fatally compromised for wanting the same thing. He sold us out!

As Scott Ritter writes, "Thousands of fighters serving under the banner of Al Qaeda and ISIS were, in fact, armed and trained by the CIA."[3] Just let that sink in for a moment. We have been supporting the guys who burned a captured Jordanian pilot alive in a cage and roasted three other guys suspended face down over a gasoline fire. Obama didn't even break sweat. Support the moderate scum!

This support for two-legged beasts should never have gotten started in the first place and the need for its termination is self evident, but the Washington Post's Greg Jaffe and Adam Entous spin this as Trump's being Vladimir Putin's butt boy. No agenda here. When Putin says "jump" Trump says "how high." That's the story. Never mind the emails and the Pakistani IT guys. Whom else could Debbie Wasperherman-Shoots hire but some sketchy foreigners? Americans do this sort of thing -- entrust the crown jewels to foreigners.

As the authors of that Washington Post article write, "even its backers have questioned its [the CIA’s covert program to arm and train moderate Syrian rebels'] efficacy since Russia deployed forces in Syria two years later." That is to say, its backers (the CIA and the U.S. government) question its efficacy after the Russians were invited in by the country we were attacking but not that attack's morality, constitutionality, or compliance with international law before the Russians arrived. No, that's off the table like Hillary's obstruction of justice and corrupt dealings, as well as a boatload of other Dem activities that warrant focused attention in a rough draft of a grand jury true bill.

There is nothing normal about an American president’s subservience to Russia’s interests and worldview. It is not the result of some bold, secret, Nixonian foreign policy stratagem — the most laughable possible explanation. Does it come from Trump’s bad case of authoritarianism envy? A fundamental sympathy with European right-wing, anti-democratic populism? An exposure to pressure from his checkered financial history? There are no benign explanations, and the worst ones seem the most plausible.[4]
Actually, there is a benign explanation: it's in America's interest to stop killing people because neocons and the MIC think it's a good idea. But to Mr. Gerson, the author of the above quote, Trump's subservience is just a given. A determination to stop an unconstitutional, aggressive war against Syria just cannot be discussed. Only absurd ipse dixit claims of subservience, authoritarianism, and sympathy with Europe's "right wing" can. Yes, Trump's clearly a populist and the essence of populism -- as we know -- is hostility to democracy. Clearly, Gerson confuses ultra-leftists with populists. As we say on the internet, you can't make this stuff up. Unless, that is, you contribute to Jeff Bezos's personal blog.

A great last word from a commenter on Gerson's article:

There is no way this fool of an author did one bit of research to determine what the program actually involved and what a colossal failure it was.

"The CIA had appropriated around $500 million for this effort, the agency had been able to find only about 60 Syrian fighters deemed “moderate” enough to train and arm. Of these 60, the CIA was able to account for only five at the end of the effort, the rest having melded into various murderous militias—including ISIS—slaughtering each other in Syria. That discovery marked the effective end of the failed program."

So Obama's fake effort of doing anything is stopped since $500 Million for 5 guys is deemed stupid is a surrender to Russia according to WaPoo?

Fake News![5]

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