October 12, 2017

America joins the third world.

The moment Americans passively sat back and allowed hostile, left-wing elites to pass a law that could effectively bankrupt harmless little cafes in backwoods Tennessee because they held and their patrons held personal racial preferences that the US power structure didn’t approve of, that made the effective persecution of “racists” a moral and legal mandate, it was all over for the America that had existed prior to the Civil Rights era, its Western heritage and its genetic profile. When whites ceded control of their own communities and the demographic profile of those communities to the Federal Government, all the Federal Government had to do at that point to effectively genocide them was to stop enforcing immigration law and defending the borders (which it promptly did, and in conjunction with changes in immigration policy itself, i.e. Hart-Celler, the demographic transformation of America would be both rapid and radical). Now Americans were being invaded on multiple levels and besieged daily from every direction. We couldn’t keep Third World peoples out of our communities or our country! So much for there being any choice in the matter. Between cultural proximity that leads to intimidation by more primitive populations, the cultural decline that naturally accompanies the emulation of less intellectually gifted peoples, the temptation that leads to miscegenation and a hundred like attendant forces, white America was finished and so too was America itself, at least the White/Euro-dominated versions of it.
" America Became 1984 In 1964, Civil Rights was the first step in the march towards Totalitarianism." By Guest Writer, AltRight.com, 10/11/17.


Jonathan Centauri said...

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Col. B. Bunny said...

I resent the Zionist influence in American politics as exemplified by the inordinate influence of AIPAC and the ADL and the vast sums of money we send to Israel. I also resent what appears to be the dominant Jewish view that America is a nation of immigrants and that we should have open borders. If anyone doubts that then they should explain why 2,000+ American rabbis came out in favor of more god damn refugees. Jewish organizations essentially take the same position. See also the Hebrew Immigration Aid Society. And if Barbara Lerner Specter is not representative of Jewish views on immigration and multiculturalism, I would like for her to explain why, but she's obviously been told to shut TFU.

Why the U.S. should be sending billions to Israel every year is a mystery to me and we should certainly not have our foreign policy joined at the hip with Israel's. However, no one needs to kill anyone. Stupid Americans need simply to wake TFU and assert the interests of the white majority and reject leftism and alienism (but I repeat myself) root and branch. Minorities are welcome to press for recognition of their interests but the majority needs to stop worshiping at the feet of foreigners, minorities, and any who pursue goals that are inconsistent with American interests.