October 2, 2017

History for Dummies.

But, here in the States, like it or not, that’s what Trump’s election was all about — a peaceful means to undo three generations of looting by the political class and their quislings in the media, corporations and a minority of voters (when you subtract out the egregious voter fraud).[1]
Dummy including me I must confess. I put a lot of faith in the idea that "conservatives" would continue what we gained with Reagan. But when Bush '41 took over I was working in the New Executive Office Building across from the White House. I watched him cross the street from Blair House heading for the White House and I had a sense of foreboding that his administration would have little to do with conservatism, or any kind of principled politics for that matter. I highly recommend John Podhoret's book about the four years of Bush, Hell of a Ride. He captured the tragic aimlessness.

About Obama and the king of looters, Clinton (et ux) nothing need be said here.

The paralysis of John Boehner after voters handed him a majority in 2010 put me in a very bad mood indeed. He and the Republicans had no strategy and no spirit. It was just one long Republican stall followed in 2016 by the appearance of the True Weasel Republicans and the Never Trumpers. Who could fail to see, at long last, that there is absolutely nothing to party politics and that the people have been hung out to dry? The greasy war in Syria began and continues to try to accomplish dishonorable, secret goals. All quite impervious to the popular will.

Whatever is going on is not about the interests of the nation and its people. It's about people who want theirs and who couldn't care less about where the country is headed. Tens of thousands of factories moved to China? Millions of legal and illegal immigrants displacing American workers and driving down wages? Unconstitutional, aggressive war in Libya and Syria? "Health care" as a federal responsibility? No problem.

If there's anything American about the current political class I can’t see it. To them America is just a place to get yours and if you feel like giving it away to foreigners who hate us, what's the harm in that?

[1] "Catalonia's Revolution Will Hinge on the Local Police." By Tom Luongo, Russia Insider, 10/1/17.


Dymphna said...

Not to worry. China will soon invade Taiwan while we make popcorn and watch. They already have mineral rights in Africa, much of our real estate in the northwestern US, the Panama Canal, and virtual ownership of a lot of the ports on the West Coast.

Time to begin studying Mandarin...

Col. B. Bunny said...

Everything is working out according to the political elites' master plan. The Chinese have fallen for it.

Actually, I'd like to see all of our "responsibilities" handed off to someone. Anyone. I think of the trillions we spend being the "beacon of righteousness to mankind" while Europe and the rest sit back and watch in amazement. Foreign expenditure zero or close to it. I saw a play back in the seventies where a black character has the line, "The white man's burden is giving me a hernia." I've had quite enough of "world leadership." Jeebus.

I read somewhere (IRS) that China might make a grab by 2020. Worthless speculation. Still, it will be expensive either way. If they destroy Taiwan they simply gain a devastated island. If not, the ROCs have had decades to plan their defense. And they are not eager to be reunited with their beloved brothers. I hope my computer support options don't disappear.