November 7, 2017

Hard-charging American passivity.

The epitaph for this experiment in self government is going to be "We was helpless, we was":
In fact, in a globally mobile and competitive labor market where the US is at the top of the cost curve, wage rates on the margin are set by the India Price for back office services and the China Price for goods. That's why IBM raised its job count in India from zero in 1993 to 130,000 at present, while cutting its domestic employment count from 150,000 to less than 90,000.[1]
Say what you want about the economic realities of cheap labor, there's still the amazing passivity of American corporations and politicians in dealing with foreign competition. If the answer is "Move thousands of U.S. factories to China and import millions of foreigners to drive down wages and steal jobs from Americans," could someone please tell me WTF the question was? Was the most creative response to our declining economic fortunes passive surrender? Did we have no other choice but to enrich and empower a communist dictatorship in Asia?

If American voters have come to think we're cursed with sellout corporations and politicians, where is the proof that they're wrong? Trumpism is about this. Unease and dismay. Is there someone out there with the gall to ascribe this to "mismanagement"?

[1] "Stockman Exposes "The Black Swan In Plain Sight" - Debt Out The Wazoo." By David Stockman, Zero Hedge, 11/7/17.


Jonathan Centauri said...

Now that White Americans can see the "CEOs" are not White or American, this game of globalism will die in a fire. Its not a question of if but when. Censorship and using threats of arrest are signs of collapse not strength. Governments only use such draconian methods when the "leaders" have no followers and they see the open disdain for them in the eyes of people seething with REVENGE in their gaze.

Col. B. Bunny said...

I agree about signs of collapse. Corralling pigeons is hard work and only necessary when you have strong ideas of what pigeons should do that are different from what the birds want. I hope the only collapse that will occur is the collapse of the liberal stupidity rather than the whole shooting match but I'm afraid they will take us down with them.

I don't have any faith in whites having any kind of racial consciousness. It's beyond obvious that we should but even Limbaugh and Levin insist on talking about "Americans" as though we're almost all committed to the idea of assimilation and dedication to the ideals of the old America. It is to laugh. It's propositional nation and magic dirt to the max.