November 5, 2017

Our tone deaf Western "leaders."

Our tone deaf Western "leaders."
This is a struggle [in U.S. politics] about policy, about the future. And Trump is president because he read the party and the country right, while the Bush-McCain Republican establishment had lost touch with both.

How could the Beltway GOP not see that its defining policies — open borders, amnesty, free trade globalism, compulsive military intervention in foreign lands for ideological ends — were alienating its coalition?

What had a quarter century of Bushite free trade produced?

About $12 trillion in trade deficits, $4 trillion with China alone, a loss of 55,000 plants and 6 million manufacturing jobs.

We imported goods “Made in China,” while exporting our future.

U.S. elites made China great again, to where Beijing is now challenging our strategic position and presence in Asia.

Could Republicans not see the factories shutting down, or not understand why workers’ wages had failed to rise for decades?[1]

No they couldn't wouldn't.

Europe? Identical. Sellout. Massive lies. Stellar sanctimony. See Angelo Codevilla's excellent "Migration: The Straw That’s Breaking Europe’s Back" for his take on the European catastrophe.

"Diversity is humanity's destiny." – Frans Timmermans, the face of betrayal.

[1] "It’s Trump’s Party Now." By Patrick J. Buchanan,, 10/27/17.

H/t: Nicholas Styx here and here.

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