January 6, 2018

America's Syrian depravity.

Now we are going to be hearing that one year of Trump did what 8 years of Obama could not do. We are going to be hearing more of how in just one year “ISIS went from attracting thousands of foreign fighters to its anti-Western cause and plotting devastating terror attacks all over the world, to surrendering en masse”. It was the “US-led bombing campaign and US-backed and trained forces” that defeated ISIS, supposedly.

Yes, after six plus years of the most powerful military force in the history of the world, with the most technologically advanced weapons ever invented, and an annual military budget of $1 Trillion the US finally defeated a rag-tag mercenary paramilitary of about 30,000 fighters.

The whole story of the US war on terrorism is an incredible and unbelievable tale of pabulum that Washington and its mainstream repeaters have been feeding to the US public since 9-11. It stinks.[1]

The U.S. is quick to seize on incidents of alleged Syrian government use of sarin gas against civilians, the death tolls from which are under 1,000. This is in the context of an aggressive, unconstitutional war the U.S. has waged against Syria in an alliance with the Saudi Arabian and Qatari governments who have funded and supplied ISIS in Iraq and Syria. That would be ISIS, the most loathsome humans on the planet (unless that honor belongs to some of the guests who appear on the Tucker Carlson Show on Fox). The resulting carnage is greater than 400,000 dead Syrian civilians but this ignored. No. It’s Syrian president Assad who “must go.”

The full moral depravity of the U.S. attack on Syria has yet to be understood by Americans. The article from which this extract is taken is a good starting point to understand the general nature of U.S. crimes. Is "crime" too strong a word? Field Marshall Keitel was executed after being convicted at the Nuremberg Trials for waging aggressive war and other crimes. When did the U.N. authorize military action against Syria and when did Syria ever pose a threat to the United States? 400,000 dead souls deserve an answer. As do millions of Americans.

[1] "Who Really Defeated ISIS?." By David William Pear, The Unz Review, 12/31/17.

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