January 17, 2018

The varlet class.

Revolutions dawn when an appreciable number of the ruled realize their rulers are intellectual and moral inferiors. The mainstream media is filled with vituperative, patronizing, and insulting explanations of what’s “behind” the Trump phenomenon. It all boils down to revulsion with the self-anointed, incompetent, pretentious, hypocritical, corrupt, prevaricating elite that presumes to rule this country. It is, in a word, inferior to the populace on the other side of the yawning chasm, the ones they have patronized and insulted for decades, and the other side knows it.[1]
The Western elites have made it Job Number One to import millions of people from, shall we say, shithole countries. When this is pointed out in these very terms (though not by Trump by most accounts), the reaction of the elites is to recoil in horror at the gross language and, yet again, apply the cudgel to the unwashed citizens who dare to speak thus.

The citizens duly note that the real or contrived horror of the elite’s is at the Anglo-Saxon terminology and the racism that it supposedly embodies, not the presence of unassimilable, hostile foreigners. It is the schleppery who are left to deal with those foreigners and endure their arrogance and parasitism. It is they who must face displacement and the crime, not the financial, media, and Hollywood elites.

Ordinary citizens know beyond a shadow of a doubt that their own kind would not have visited such a bitter fate on them. The elite will not even take the personal security of the ordinary citizen seriously but instead play at “sanctuary city” nonsense and fiddle with crime statistics to conceal certain racial realities.

The elites’ flight from decency and common sense is total. Summary of elite message to the unwashed: “____ you.” Message to elites: “Roger that.”

[1]  "Much More Than Trump" By Robert Gore, Straight Line Logic, 3/12/16.

Hat tip: Woodpile Report.

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