February 20, 2018

Popular sovereignty is a joke.

Here's a view of who runs America you won't see discussed on Fox News:
Europe — the EU — gets the refugees from America’s invasions and coups (including not only from the middle East but also from America’s 2014 coup in Ukraine), but still allies itself with the US Government, which nominally represents the American people, though actually representing only the billionaires in three countries: Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the United States. (What’s especially key to understanding US foreign policies is that whereas the US aristocracy is primarily focused against Russia, the Saudi-Israeli alliance is primarily focused against Iran.) Europe subordinates itself to that group of billionaires, but especially to the American ones, since the American ones control the NATO alliance and basically created the EU. (Whether America ever wears-out its welcome amongst European publics will be shown by the extent to which those publics repudiate both NATO and the existing EU, since those two organizations are the immediate agencies of US control there; and the IMF and other US-created entities are global, not merely European entities of these billionaires’ empire.)[1]
It’s clear that whatever the U.S. is doing now (and in recent years) is not intended to serve the interests of the citizens of the U.S.

On the following issues, let’s record the attitude of the United States elite toward the American electorate:

  • Wide-open immigration – fuck you.
  • Wide open borders – fuck you.
  • Millions of foreign invaders inside the country untouched – fuck you.
  • Pathetic views on DACA – fuck you.
  • "Birthright" citizenship – fuck you.
  • The Afghan war – fuck you.
  • Saudi Arabia influence in the U.S. – fuck you.
  • Israeli/Jewish influence in the U.S. – fuck you.
  • Hillary Clinton and her "pay to play" Clinton Foundation – fuck you.
  • Betrayal of American in Benghazi – fuck you.
  • Subversion of Ukraine – fuck you.
  • Communists in government – fuck you.
  • Concealment of the true nature of Islam – fuck you.
  • War crimes in Syria – fuck you.
  • Pointless expansion of NATO – fuck you.
  • Turning Kosovo in a Muslim state – fuck you.
  • Destruction of the Constitution – fuck you.
  • Pursuit of illusory equality – fuck you.
  • Demonization of the American South – fuck you.
  • Demonization of Donald Trump – fuck you.
  • Demonization of Russia – fuck you.
  • Judicial tyranny – fuck you.
  • Trial of America's most sensitive political cases in Washington, D.C. – fuck you.
  • Disproportionate representation of blacks in the Washington, D.C. federal government agencies – fuck you.
  • Congressional Black Caucus – fuck you.
  • Destruction of government schools – fuck you.
  • Inflationary policy of the Fed – fuck you.
  • Stealing from the Social Security “trust fund” – fuck you.
  • Princely pensions and salaries for public employees – fuck you.
  • Public employee unions – fuck you.
  • One-dollar-one-vote politics – fuck you.
  • Unsustainable Social Security – fuck you.
  • Crushing burden of Medicaid – fuck you.
  • Bailouts for banks and speculators – fuck you.
  • Support for the homosexual agenda – fuck you.
  • Widespread vote fraud – fuck you.
  • Deindustrialization of the U.S. – fuck you.
  • Concentration of media ownership – fuck you.
  • Filth on TV – fuck you.
  • Promotion of miscegenation on TV – fuck you.
  • Promotion of homosexuality on TV – fuck you.
  • Promotion of lunatic "gender" issues – fuck you.
  • Making white Americans a minority in our own country – fuck you.
  • Affirmative action for Mexicans, Jamaicans and Nigerians – fuck you.
  • Welfare for illegal aliens – fuck you.
  • AntiFa thuggery – fuck you.
  • Endless, dishonest attacks on “guns” – fuck you.
  • Tax exemption for leftist foundations – fuck you.
  • Support for hate speech laws – fuck you.
  • Advancement of lunatic feminism – fuck you.
Who determined that any of the above policies or actions would be the ones adopted or taken respectively by the U.S.? Did anyone vote to turn America into a brown-skinned, third-world country without borders or personal security?

U.S. – and Western elites – have been coasting on the good will of their populations for decades but at long last the mask has slipped off completely. Something’s very wrong in River City. Western governments have forfeited all legitimacy yet they plough blithely ahead.

[1] "America’s Deceitful Secret Support of Al Qaeda ." By Eric Zuesse, Strategic Culture Foundation, 1/20/18 (emphasis added).

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