March 29, 2018

Britain, France and U.S. in bed with terrorists.

The jihadists had been trained and received instructions from regular soldiers from Britain and France. These were not arrested; they were evacuated separately in a “humanitarian” convoy organized for them by the UN.[1]
The evacuation was apparently in March 2018.

You just have to savor this. French and British soldiers training the scum of the earth to kill Syrians. At a time much distant from our own, Brits stood for law, liberty, and dispassionate service. Thousands of them lived hornorable lives in the colonies and brought civilization and rationality to those countries. Now British troops are used and abused in this manner. As are U.S. troops.

[1] "What has become of the '400 000 moderate rebels in the Ghouta'?" Voltaire Network, 3/26/18.

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