March 24, 2018

What’s another name for America’s immigration policies?

The truly weird thing about the American Empire is it started as a homogeneous nation, composed of English speaking white people. The Romans bankrupted themselves trying to keep the barbarians out, while going to great lengths to integrate those that came in through conquest and migration. America is bankrupting itself trying to import barbarians from every corner of the globe, while going to great lengths to police the fringes of civilization. The point is to keep the current arrangements in place, no matter how illogical.

Again, it is an error to assume the people in charge are thinking this stuff through.[1]

And then the question is, How did the “current arrangements” get set in stone? When did Americans – and Westerners – get it in their heads that it was their moral obligation to kiss the ass of foreigners and minorities?

[1] "The Logic Of Empire." By The Z Man, 3/20/18.

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