April 17, 2018

Adios to the post-WWII world order.

The arrogance, mendacity, and stupidity of the U.S.-U.K.-French bombing of Syria is not to be believed. I’ll no doubt inform the world of my views on this in greater detail at some indefinite point in the future but pending that, here are a couple of paragraphs about how this played out in the U.N.:
Thus, the lesson that the US Government learned from the Iraq invasion isn’t that the US Government should never again lie about what the evidence actually shows, in order to invade a country, but instead that the US Government should simply ignore the UN whenever the evidence doesn’t persuade other Governments that an invasion would be authentically defensive instead of purely an act of international aggression.

What might turn out to have been “The Most Important UN Security Council Vote Ever” was the 10 April 2018 UN Security Council’s failure to require the US and its allies to provide evidence to prove that Syria’s Government had gassed its own people in Douma on April 7th as the US and its allies alleged, before the US and its allies could, with even just possible legal justification, launch massive bombing of Syria as supposed punishment for the gas-attack that they were alleging. The question of whether or not the UN would authorize the American invasion wasn’t even being raised; the question was only whether the alleged gas-attack needed to be independently verified before an invasion might possibly legally be launched — and no proposal was passed. Unlike in the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the US never tried to win UN authorization to invade Syria in 2018, but simply invaded, casually ignoring all laws, and even denying the need for evidence to back up its allegations against Syria.[1]

[1] "How US Has Virtually Destroyed UN." By Eric Zuesse , Stretegic Culture, 4/17/18 (bold text added).

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