April 30, 2018

Corrupt, authoritarian Britain.

Hattersley called immigration a “great issue of national policy” because he knew it bore directly on the nation’s future. That was in the 1960s; today the future has arrived. Britain is an authoritarian surveillance state vibrant with the non-White pathologies of terrorism, rape-gangs, violent crime and political corruption. It is a Land of Lies where free speech is dying and the wilfully blind are King. Our new state religion of minority worship insists that Britain has been vastly enriched by mass immigration from violent, corrupt Third-World nations.
Groveling, dishonest madness.

Hattersley is a Labour politicians for whom the word "despicable" was personally created. As a Member of Parliament for years, it was a point of personal pride that he completely ignored the wishes of his constituents on Commonwealth immigration and membership in the E.U.

It's bad enough that he betrayed his constituents in that way but it's a mystery to me why he survived. Perhaps its class loyalty on the part of Labour voters besides which other issues pale in significance. It's the same here. Americans have a low opinion of Congress but return their own representatives and senators to D.C. like clockwork. "My guys ok. It's the rest of them who suck." Open borders, mass immigration, unassimilable Muslims, ruinous military adventurism, fiscal lunacy, eternal welfare parasitism, destruction of our cities, and judicial tyranny just mean nothing to the average voter.

Bottom line.

"In the Land of Lies." By Tobias Langdon, The Unz Review, 4/26/18.

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