April 28, 2018

Uh oh.

. . . John Bolton . . . , President Trump's national security adviser, is reported by the US press as having urged the inclusion of Iranian and Russian targets in the April 14 attack, but he was overruled by the Pentagon. Bolton was also reported by the Israeli press as "coordinating" this idea with Israeli officials.[1]
I’m generally well disposed to Mr. Bolton. I’ve always thought that he made sense whenever he appeared on Fox News. I’ve discounted reports of his being an uber hawk so the above paragraph is disappointing. The links in the paragraph may well support Mr. Helmer’s assertions but I haven’t verified whether they do or not as I don’t care to subscribe to either publication.

That said, if this is an accurate indication of what Bolton’s advocating, his appointment was a very unwise appointment indeed. It’s hard to see how the U.S. has done anything else but engage in subversive “regime change” activities coupled often as not with military action around the world. The world needs a drastically different approach, however, where leaders of whom we disapprove are left to run their countries as they and their citizens decide among themselves and where American bullets and bombs do not rain down on “lesser breeds.”

The world has had quite a bellyful of American arrogance .

[1] "Gorilla Tries Radio-Convulsive Therapy to Cure John Bolton of His Psychopathological Urges." By John Helmer, Dances with Bears, 4/19/18.

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