May 6, 2018

Careful what you wish for.

And for all the liberals commenting on this page who hypocritically advocate the institution of the evil of abortion to somehow absolve Irish society of the evil of past Catholic abuses, please don’t get overly moralistic or pontifical with your traditionalist enemies. Be instead uncritically kind to them, as that is your relativistic gospel, is it not?

But do enjoy your temporary victories, liberals, and bask in them. They’ll be short-lived. I’m going to delight in seeing the Islamists return Europe to a Middle Ages theocracy where the mouths of sweet liberal humanists will be forever shut.

Our liberal friends childishly imagine that secular non-judgmental (though always curiously judgmental) humanism will be enough to transform the entire world into a “I’m OK, You’re OK” romper room filled with coloring books and a submissive respect for all behaviors no matter how insane or perverse or unnatural. Poor babies, once Islam sweeps the continent, you’ll all be pining for the return of Catholic Enlightenment.

"Catholic Ireland is Dead and Gone." By Crawford Gribben, The American Conservative, 5/3/18 (paragraphs and image added).

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