May 12, 2018

Political poison.

No politician will tell you this, except maybe Rand Paul, and no politician will act on this for damn sure.
It’s also the case that past deficit spending has now caught up with the U.S. The debt-to-GDP ratio is over 105%. Research shows that any debt-to-GDP ratio over 90% results in slower growth instead of faster growth when you pile on more debt. The U.S. is no longer getting any bang for the buck from deficit spending.

We’re just going broke faster.

To sum it up in a few words, what we have is decay, impotence, and dishonesty:
  • Stimulus – useless.
  • Public employees – aristocracy.
  • Public pensions – exemplars of deception, privilege, manipulation, fleecing of the taxpayer.
  • Wars – mysterious objectives, illegal, for the benefit of foreigners.
  • Free speech – dying.
  • Constitution – a joke.
  • Sexual deviance – celebrated.
  • Borders – a joke, porous.
  • Citizenship – worthless.
  • Ballot integrity – for chumps.
  • Foreigners – gift from the gods.
  • Traditional values – gone.
  • Christianity – reviled.
  • Islam – worshiped.
  • Universities -- disgraced.
  • Legacy press -- liars, propaganda whores.
  • AntiFa street thugs – privileged, unmolested.
  • Public security – meaningless.
  • Minority politics -- seething with hatred of whites.
  • Minority crime, destruction, parasitism, self-delusion, arrogance, sense of entitlement -- the stuff of legend.
What politicians are concerned about is giving the president a blank check for war and spineless submission to the money interests. And, or course, more spending.

So, yes, let’s keep spending that $32,000,000 an HOUR for the total cost of our wars since 2011.

That giant sucking sound you hear is America's great promise going down the drain. The lizards and skanks we voted in finally managed to git ‘er dunnnn.

""Going Broke Faster" - Economic Numbers Are Less Than Meets The Eye." By James Rickards, ZeroHedge, 5/12/18 (formatting removed).

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