May 8, 2018

Sergey Lavorv.

Another attempt of mine to show actual people involved on the world stage just now. Here Mr. Lavrov, the Foreign minister of Russia, fields, in English, questions from an ill-mannered, arrogant twerp of a BBC reporter:

This is an impressive man.


paul scott said...

thanks Colonel > valuable post.

paul scott said...

As you said Colonel the arrogant interviewer made this hard to watch.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Thanks, Mr. Scott. I'm late to wake up to the propaganda wars, I suppose. The Cold War effectively put a veneer on things that made foreign policy seem somewhat rational and quite moral to me.

Now the headlong -- and quite pointless -- expansion of NATO to the Russian border and our mad exercises in arrogant "regime change" in the M.E. seem to issue forth from a region of arrogance and deceit that I never saw before. A lot of the intervention and maneuvering back in the Cold War seemed righteous at the time but looking backward from today to those times it's disquieting to see hints, shall I say, of today's stupidity and murder in what we did then. That's rank "presentism" as the lefty lunatics love to say and I'm not particularly enamored of this view, but I can indeed see that there was a certain arrogance at play even then.

We were bound and determined to keep Russia contained. No dominoes please. But we don't bat an eye as the Chinese relentless expand their commercial influence around the world with troops abroad being a very rare occurrence. Why did we have to choose such a ruinously expensive way of corralling Russia?

Be that as it may. The propaganda is now so thick even I can see it. It would be laughable if it weren't so sad. I read an article today in the U.K.'s The Sun and how did it refer to President Assad of Syria? Why as "Ruthless Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad." He rules over a "murderous regime," too. Really? If I want fantasy I can just go rent a copy of "The Wizard of Oz."

It's this kind of thing that makes me try to counter the lies with simple video directly showing how these targets of defamation really are in person.

Some day I should put up a video of Sen. Graham browbeating a general officer testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee, I presume. He, Graham, was a grandstanding jerk and nothing like the three gentlemen I've spotlighted so far.