May 16, 2018

The anti-American left and us deplorables.

Trump has his eye on the contemporary Left’s extremism, but this is not so much the statist Left that the libertarians oppose, nor the values-and-autonomy Left resisted by the religious Right, but the anti-American Left. This Left plunged its knife into our politics in the 1960s and has been twisting it ever since.

The Old Left had opposed American capitalism, the Progressives had condemned American plutocracy, but not until the ’50s and ’60s did a significant faction of the Left begin to blame the American masses, not the elite, for the country’s sins. The people became the problem. They were racist, materialist, imperialist, sexist, and sexually inhibited, according to the original catalogue of sins; later the phobias were discovered—homophobia, Islamophobia, transphobia, and so forth. Together these comprise pretty much the irredeemable sins Hillary had in mind when she condemned Trump’s voters as deplorable.

I think part of Trump’s apparent lack of a strategic plan is due to the fact that he does not realize that there is such a thing as the anti-American left. He understands that bad decisions have been made on immigration and trade but that this was due to negligence, not pure malevolence and destructive, revolutionary purpose. It is hard for decent people to understand that they are up against pure evil. But that is what we face. What the left has in store for the world is nothing less than the destruction of Western civilization.[1]

[1] "Thinking about Trump." By Charles R. Kesler, Claremont Review of Books, 5/7/18 (emphasis added).


paul scott said...

By chance tonight I just caught an old video called > The moral and Economic collapse of America < 2012. I am quite old. It picked my generation as milk fed and nurtured in obliging two-parent families; as a spoiled, entitled even narcissistic generation. It's true we were cushioned all the way up to and through Universities without hardship or struggle. [ New Zealand] Then we decided to crush the society that had built us up, starting with entitlement to do anything and of course progressing toward progressivism and contempt for our own society. Now our own milk fed children and grandchildren are determined to carry on the destruction of society, old white people to be replaced by a low IQ infiltration of diversity until the dark ages return.

Col. B. Bunny said...

That's a depressing video. It all seems so unnecessary. At the top there was a failure of leadership. Mayor Daley's response to the rioters at the Democrat convention in Chicago in '68 was the right response. There is always a subversive, disruptive, stupid, criminal element that will seize opportunities so the question is, Is there a trip wire set that triggers a defensive response from those with the stake in the civil order? In earlier times in Britain there was literally the Riot Act that got read to the rioters and there was little interest in psychoanalyzing the rioters.

That trip wire didn't exist generally in those times so Daley was an exception so the civil order ended up having no defense against the demands of the race-baiters and revolutionaries.

Nor did it have a defense against the intellectual subversives, the Clowards, Pivens, and Alinskys. Or the communists. A healthy establishment response would have educated a lot of fools, sybarites and malcontents and stopped all that nonsense in its tracks.

I don't find the "spoiled generation" that convincing as I don't think parents failed to try to instruct their kids. But the enormous prosperity did give kids more economic freedom and the unique position of America then made our economy boom and kids grew up thinking that was normal. Now young people are graduating from schools straight to their parents' basements or to behind an espresso coffee bar counter. Even these stark realities don't seem to engender thought on the part of the young as witness their support for Bernie Sanders and his promises of more free stuff.

There's another force at work. Rose L. Martin was an extraordinary woman who took it upon herself to document the spread of Fabianism. What happened in the mid 1800s was that doctrines surfaced that were attacks on the established order. Thereafter there was enormous intellectual support for overturning the normal, the traditional, and the customary. What had been painstakingly built over the centuries was dismissed with a flick of the wrist as corrupt, evil, and, above all, irrational. The progressives, utopians, socialists, and Bolsheviks took up the banner of change, of rational planning and management free of traditional class and institutionalized greed . . . and immediately set about to create a different class of experts and nomenklatura with their snouts in the public trough not industry and business. That has been supplemented by a bizarre hatred of gentile society found in segments of Jewish culture as illustrated by Ben Wattenberg's astonishing statement that “The non-Europeanization of America is heartening news of an almost transcendental quality.” More such quotes here. And who can ever forget Barbara Specter's famous words about the leading role of Jews in turning Europe "multicultural" and less "monolithic" (id est, less white).

The Frankfurt School poison was just a variation on all of this.


Col. B. Bunny said...


So we are left with the grim thought that the established Western order was met with a widespread intellectual onslaught that no civilization had ever had to deal with before and it failed. And it's understandable in a way as this ferocious, dishonest, murderous onslaught has at its heart such a monstrous evil that normal, healthy, practical people simply can't comprehend. The argument for satanic force is strong, though I'm basically not interested in supernatural anything.

So the rich "spoiled brat" hypothesis I don't find compelling. The moronic, progressive, lunatic fantasies about equality; endless propsperity, health, and free stuff as a right; freedom from God's law/reality; and changing man and society from on high I do.

We're left with the horrible reality of probable irreversible change founded on race replacement meekly acceded to by white civilization. The bringing of that about is an evil, evil event as we will all soon see. There is hope, however, if white Westerners will cast off the foolish notions of the last 100 years and embrace what some genius observed: The problems caused by liberalism can only be solved by illiberal means. A return to hard reality will save us but more than likely we'll choose the soft inanities of liberalism on view every minute on every MSM outlet in the West. There will be a reckoning the only question is by whose hand.