June 30, 2018

A giant middle finger.

All very healthy:
There is clearly a disinclination on the part of the Trump Administration to support multinational bodies, evident in the rejection of climate, trade and non-proliferation agreements. Complete withdrawal from the United Nations is not unthinkable in the current climate, though the Democrats and some moderate Republicans would no doubt strongly resist such a move.[1]
Trump has certain deficits in his understanding of domestic and international politics, which is putting it mildly. However, I love him because I know that he loves America and is devoted to not having us be taken advantage of by foreigners. Over the decades, a host of international organizations and treaties have served to stick it to Sam, drain our coffers, and serve every foreign interest under the sun except our own. Of course, our treacherous elites have known this all along and done nothing to advance or protect our interest. Commenter vato paco understands the essence of it all with his witticism: “alternate headline: 'long-time scam victim wises up and walks away.'”

Trump gets this, to his eternal credit, and is basically walking through parts of the world’s China shop sweeping everything in sight onto the floor. His instincts here are outstanding, even though he persists in drinking Israeli bathwater on matters involving Syria and Iran and seems unable to break free of the Klingon tractor beam that emanates from Afghanistan, Ukraine, and the Russian border.

Mr. Giraldi thinks our withdrawal from U.N. agencies is a sign of weakness but I don’t. If membership advances no U.S. interest get the heck out and let others debate and vote on whatever nonsense their little hearts desire. Right now a giant U.S. middle finger to just about any U.N. body you want to name is long overdue. I except only the Security Council as the peacekeeping mechanism it overseas serves to keep alive the concept that aggressive war outside of the U.N. framework is illegal. The U.S. and our dirt bag European “allies” pay no attention but the U.N. framework is at least there to hold up a mirror to these outlaw regimes.

[1] "The United States Withdraws From The World." By Philip Giraldi, ZeroHedge, 6/29/18 (formatting removed).

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