July 31, 2018

Tatjana Festerling on Merkel’s mediocrity and the “fully maddened West.”

More excellent work from Vlad Tepes. Tatjana Festerling helped organize Pegida in Germany but was expelled from party leadership "for advocating that asylum-seekers should be shot if they attempt to cross the German border." In other words, she thought that border defense means actual defense not employing border guards as mere observers with no orders to use force. Harsh but realistic language for her but not as harsh as what murder and rape victims later endure once the border crossers settle in in a country in which they do not belong.

H/t: Postcards from Paris & elsewhere.


paul scott said...

You either have borders or you do not. A buffer zone, warning, and then shoot.
National borders retained. On

Col. B. Bunny said...

And the necessary corollary to that is that somethings are worth defending with violence. W. European armies are not permitted to act on that though they understand very well what is required. It must suck to be in the Italian navy, at least until recently. Maybe now the national leaders won't do their utmost to humiliate them.


Hence the necessity of the SPANISH SOLUTION. Stop them before they get to the borders. BAMN. Hey, sharks and scavengers have to eat too.


Col. B. Bunny said...

Correct. Four principles to guide us:

1. Stop creating refugees by making war for no good reason.

2. Where our wars are not the impelling force for migration, direct all fix-it efforts in the Third World to aiding people in place, not to importing them.

3. Deny entry to all migrants, refugees or not, by any means necessary.

4. Repatriate ALL third-world people from Western nations with the exception of Christians, Sikhs, Gurkhas, and other military veterans. PR campaign: "We're truly sorry we made such a horrible mistake to think that dissimilar people can live in harmony with us in our own land. The last 100 years have indeed been instructive, but especially on the matter of our stupidity. Your efforts to fit in have for the most part been lacking to say the least. Stupidity doesn't have to be forever, however, so we're fixing this problem now by saying goodbye to you. Be gone and show us what a real civilization is like."


5. Whenever some tugging-at-the-heartstrings event happens, like that picture of that Turkish boy that opened the doors wide, disbelieve it.