July 28, 2018

The fundamental objective of the left: mindless destruction.

The reason “left-wing extremism” has not caught on is that it is redundant. The essence of the left, its very nature, is the relentless desire for the complete overthrow of all time-honoured institutions, traditions, and order.[1]
The left has succeeded so dramatically everywhere in the West that it’s a rare Western government that can be seen to be looking out for the interests of its citizens. African males crawl over barbed wire fences to get into Spain but authorities do not forthwith show them to the nearest exit at gunpoint. No. They not only do nothing to prevent their entry but treat every foot on Spanish soil as the signal for all manner of legal and economic rights to descend upon these primitives. Somehow this is set in stone.

The future cost to be borne by Spanish citizens is enormous both in monetary and security terms but citizens’ interests in an orderly, Spanish nation are simply ignored. An irrelevancy. The destruction of Spain must simply be endured as the next higher stage of Spanish civilization.

In the U.S. it’s the same. The southern border is studiously left virtually wide open. The president will not fight for funding for his famous wall. AntiFa runs wild in the streets, a constant danger to law-abiding citizens. Our attorney general is absent without tidings. Five more years on the lam and we can declare him legally dead.

Elections are controlled by fabulously wealthy individuals, not voters. Economic decisions have favored foreigners, enemies, and parasites who have been happy for us to play the chump.

It’s a rare citizen who can say that the U.S. government is looking out for him and state governments are no better, as witness the pension fund catastrophes brewing in New Jersey, Illinois, and California, among other places. The only thing that’s for sure is that the taxpayer will be required to pay more to take care of the privileged official class.

[1] "Russia, The Royal Martyrs, and Revolutionary Modernity." By Gerry T. Neal, Throne, Altar, Liberty, 7/19/18 (emphasis added).


mtnforge said...

As for myself and other Christian Men of The West it is do or die time. It o ly remains to be seen what form, where the territory where we make our stand, armed violent redress and seceding from the madness of The State will take.
There is no question there will be a fight between us and the human extinction movement.
This is existential war. It is either we go down in genocide, or we win and will have to hunt down everyone of the sonsofabitches, exterminate them to the last one.
There can be no truce or forgiveness. These psychopaths who created the Fabian long march started on this path to destroy the crown jewel of Christian Grecco/Roman Western civilization. This has always been the end game. Nothing less.

I think it could not have happened any other way. The die was cast so long ago in early American history, nobody knows for sure where it began, and by the time Lincoln and his Marxists hit the stage of tyrannies history, there was no stopping this when the South capitulated in order to stop the wholesale genocide of its civilians from scorched earth strategy. It really has been down hill ever since.
Sure its wonderful to he's and see America first, MAGA Bitchez!, all the rest, but, the body politik and the Amerikan Nomenklaturer is dug in like a tick on a hound, its sycophants and useful idiots are manifold, it will take wholesale slaughter to dig them out, or a large enough redoubt with the resources and geographic size, territory that can be held and secured, a critical element, cleansed and constantly watched for of every leftist scum, or it begins all over again.
Are there Men and Woman of The West able and capable of doing this deed and defending this territory for posteriors sake?
There better be, because at this stage, tho old battered Republic is one big ass piece of real estate, and hunting down every element and keeper of the human extinction movement may never be achievable.
Remember, in the final analysis of what's coming, this is a non negotiable priority. Not a one can be left to reinfect us.

Sounds extreme?
You bet your arse it is.
Its a whole lot better than the genocide taking place and ramping up on us White Men of The West.

paul scott said...

I am with mtnforge even though I am noit in your country.
I came to similar views living in a pathetically small minded New Zealand.
Australia is similar.
It is not until you refuse all programming or globalist media indoctrination that you begin to see reality.
Refusing all news sources in not easy to do in a family and that is why in my opinion the
best informed people we have are older men, who can reject the diet of garbage that comes at us with the truths of existence.
Another very important thing.
My loyalty to New Zealand vanished when I realised it was just a small southern country with sheep in it.
Having natural tendencies to a loyalty and tribe, I diverted to where my sympathies and affection were now.
This is the people here. I do not have a name for the group but id the Colonel, Uncle Remus, Zman, the people here, this strange army of resistance for freedom and against the evil forces of the globalist agenda and their millions of useful idiots.
When the shooting starts, I will find out which arena you people are fighting and join you.
My tolerance to the regressives is over.
I would take them out as they would us, this is an International civil war, most of my birth Nations people are sitting in and around armchairs tapping keyboards meaninglessly.