July 30, 2018

The murderers are among us.

H/t: Postcards from Paris & elsewhere.


paul scott said...

"" We are so tired and slack, we deserve to be swept away.""
Excellent and sad I will repost over with credit

I did not realise until recently how utterly brainwashed we are with the narratives.
Yet if you will say this to people > you are brainwashed < the screaming hysteria will start up.
My brainwashing ceased when I gave up all Newspapers and TV news three years ago.
Since then I have been quite sad about Western Society. I think we are doomed,
but where I can I attack the madness.
Just sending money to the Free Tommy Robinson campaign made me realise we can fight the Globalist destruction of the West.

Col. B. Bunny said...

The narrative is ubiquitous and omits to cover no small detail. My latest post points out that Russia was never a Cold War foe of the U.S. but Reuters phrased it so. The theme, of course, is Russia is and always will be the Soviet Union just with a name change and new paint job.

My g/f is woke and one of us but she still likes FOX News and the occasional trash program on satellite TV. I'd love to be rid of it all, even if I do like Dobbs and Carlson. Fox itself, however, is fully on board with the anti-Russian hysteria as evidenced by the interminable appearances of Jack Keene. I think Carlson has had Prof. Steven Cohen on to his great credit but overall it's just noise to me and not worth the princely price tag. Streaming is the way to go.