August 5, 2018

Mr. Fix It.

Yesterday, I tackled replacement of all our dryer’s drum-supporting wheels and the belt tensioner wheel. It was a five-hour job and miraculously I ended up with no mystery screws that didn’t get put back where they belong. Even when I set loose screws from one area against the wall and another set of screws on the sink, etc. my memory is such that confusion reigns only a few short hours later when re-assembly is in order.

The squeaking noise has been replaced with a ticking noise but with proper turning of the drum. The job tore up the soles of my feet for reasons I can’t quite figure out, so for now I’m going to declare the noise a non-problem. If it gets worse I’ll tackle it again but right now, short of a general civil breakdown, I’m going to sit here with my industrial-strength pain lotion and my bottle of Ibuprofen.


paul scott said...

A dyer > something to make you a nice diverse colour.
Drum > rolls you into a better shape
belt tensioner > tightens as you get pushed into shape
Pain in muscles and back > Tramadol 50mg
civil breakdown > one of Remus's carbines

Col. B. Bunny said...

Thanks. Typo fixeded.