October 4, 2018

Teddy Roosevelt, grandstander par excellence and political opportunist.

A view of Theodore Roosevelt you don’t often see. A bit ragged but a dreaded “other perspective” nonetheless. Fools and zealots wrecked America and it was passed off as business as usual in our magnificent experiment in self-government. Only forget the “self” part and focus on the “government” part. The murderous, controlling, arrogant part.

Anyone who now holds to the idea that our political class gives a tinker’s dam about the American people or the Constitution or that we have a remotely representative republic just hasn’t been paying attention.

T.L. Davis says it well:

Now, all of this [the destruction of our home and the futility of voting] is predicated on the simple understanding that our leaders, those we have either placed in charge of this land, or have allowed to assume control of it, will not ever serve the people. They have transcended beyond that existence as have our industries, our media, our churches. They no longer have to appeal to the people for their riches, because no matter how foul they are or how insulting, they have those who cheer on their most base instincts, instinctively knowing that it fundamentally damages a wholesome society.

Facebook, Google and Twitter along with millions of other restaurants, stores and service industries can simply tell most of us to go pound sand.[1]

[1] "This Is Our Home." By T.L. Davis, Christian Mercenary, 9/25/18. H/t: Yer Ol' Woodpile Report.

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