April 18, 2021

Know the agenda.

The bottom line is this: America is the primary target of the globalists because we are one of the only countries with the means and the numbers to stop them and the [Great] Reset. Until they are removed from the equation they will continue to throw crisis after crisis at us in order to wear us down and force us to accept totalitarianism. Do not get too comfortable in the fact that the pandemic agenda is failing here; stay alert and continue to organize your communities.
"Globalists Will Need Another Crisis In America As Their Reset Agenda Fails." By Brandon Smith, ZeroHedge, 4/16/21.

April 17, 2021

Good question.

The editorial board of the Washington Post recently advised Zelensky:
“Mr. Zelensky now has the opportunity to forge a partnership with Mr. Biden that could decisively advance Ukraine’s attempt to break free from Russia and join the democratic West. He should seize on it.”
So, now that we’ve shown who is doing the pushing here, let’s turn to the final takeaway from Heritage Foundation master strategists. Tsereteli and Carafano come right out and say “countries left outside of NATO will remain targets of Russian aggression and manipulations.” So, the purpose of all this supposed spread of militaristic-based democracy is to expand NATO to [too?]? I mean, seriously. Washington is not reaching out with the Peace Corps to shore up a budding Eastern European democracy. The United States is kidnapping another former Soviet republic on the way to the big score. My country has military bases in almost every country in the world, has had more wars than the Mongols, and spends more on weapons than everybody else combined – but Russia is being aggressive! Who believes this bullshit?
"One Man Stands in the Way of NATO’s Run Onward to Moscow." By Phil Butler, ZeroHedge, 4/17/21.

Misaligned incentives.

From where I sit, people aren’t stupid. They may make dumb decisions but these [are] maximized thanks to the misaligned incentives of a corrupt monetary system. Absent consequences for dumb decisions, people will continue to make them until they can’t. And yet our feudal overlords [think] there is no limit to this.[1]
Apparently the Chinese are considering a digital yuan with the lovely control possibilities inherent with that. As for misaligned incentives, it is possible for digital currency (without an ancillary physical component) to come with or have added in an expiration date SHMG to ensure that people will spend their "money" and keep money velocity high and stimulus stimming. Real hamster in a wheel incentives.

Compare and contrast with the U.S. approach which is to penalize saving with rock bottom interest rates and thereby force savers into risk on equities, hard assets, and all manner of misinvested fluff with a giant helping of inflation thanks to criminal congressional and Fed fiscal and monetary wrecking ball initiatives.

There's no Chinese digital yuan expiration date as of breakfast this morning (or digital yuan that I know of for that matter) but there's a boatload of monetary debasement going on in the U.S. The actual destruction of the very definition of money as, in part, a store of value has been decided upon by our New Aristrocrats who occupy the Olympian heights of knowing how to manage our lives. MMT, bitchez.

Mr. Luongo points out in his article that where money is concerned "betraying the trust of the people you govern at such a fundamental level is a breach that creates real, lasting change." And more and more coercion is necessary to keep people down on the farm of acquiescence. In the debased moral and intellectual climate in which we subsist at the moment absolutely no one has the faintest clue how the forthcoming massive political upheaval is going to play out. The Norman Rockwell option is probably not in the minds of a whole lot of people and people who don't know whether the moon is larger than the sun aren't likely to be coming up with elegant political solutions of any kind. Just saying. As the Chinese expression goes, it's easy to mount a tiger but somewhat more difficult to dismount. Or, more precisely, dismount and remain intact.

The unspeakable tragedy of the West is that its ruling elites came to pursue their own financial interests AND idiot social ideas rather than to govern with the interests of the people as their first priority. Now they have created a ticking time bomb of fury in the hearts of the deplorables. "Too clever by half" doesn't begin to describe the damage they have caused. (Cue Hillary cackle.)

For decades the United States government has poured trillions of dollars into stupid wars to vindicate NO interest of the nation. It has poured trillions of dollars into creating and maintaining a dependent class that is a stellar source of crime and political and social pathology. The United States of Baltimore. When millions of Americans have been out of work or worked at two jobs or in nothingburger jobs with no future, it has assiduously labored to import millions of foreigners to steal jobs, start competing business, send billions in remittances to their home (sic) countries, distort our elections, bankrupt hospitals, populate our prisons, and otherwise become a welfare-consuming class of their own. The government has crippled industrial America, it has celebrated massive election theft, and transformed freedom of speech into a privilege revocable at the whim of anonymous soy boys and feminist freaks at war with nature itself. As I like to say, EVERY decision the government makes is precisely the WRONG decision. Days of Our Lives.

So this started out as an examination of the danger of fiddling with one basic measure of human life -- the value of the money people have in their pocket. But, as with money, so with everything else. It's as though an entire civilization chose to disregard any and all standards or turn every measuring stick into something made out of rubber but which shrinks when the temperature rises or the winds blow.

The aristocracy may have been slightly out of touch in 18th-century France but they were giants of insight in comparison to American "progressives" and race baiters.

Somewhere out there is a reasonable facsimile of Joan of Arc. I hate to hang my hopes on divine intervention but increasingly that looks like our remaining option. The women seem to have the greater insight and spirit these days according to my shallow perception. So my bet's on the likes of Marjorie Taylor Green, Ann Coulter, Laura Loomer, Katie Hopkins, Whatsherface, Tulsi Gabbard, Kimberly Klacik, Candace Owens, Marine Le Pen, Melissa Carone, or Bronx Tina. Hand salute to some of the guys as well but the women really seem to stand out.

[1] "Luongo: The Digital Yuan, Proof Of Guns, & The Expiration Of Money." By Tom Luongo, ZeroHedge, 4/16/21.

How the world would be better without police.

The Babylon Bee deftly skewers the ever-expanding moron population as usual:
7. All problems in the black community will go away - Everything wrong in the inner city is the cops' fault. If the cops go, everything will be solved. It's just that simple!
Check out the other six ways here.

April 12, 2021

My kinda gal.


Because spouting the Democrat line is job number one.

Feckless, feeble, useless "Republicanism" at its best. The one, the only, Liz Cheney!!!

H/t: The Gateway Pundit, described by Wikipedia as an "American far-right fake news website." Now you know.

April 11, 2021

Some kind of an agenda here.

Reassurance from central banks is only emboldening investors to add to their risks. When Powell attempts to explain his continued actions, many of us who pay attention to such things cry "Bullshit." Not only is the current Fed policy uncalled for but it does little to strengthen the economy or address our problems. What it will do is continue to prop up asset prices and encourage risk-taking and malinvestment.

Much of the carnage taking place on Main Street is being ignored. Add to this the fact that much of bitcoin's surge is attributed to growing inflation expectations based on the debasement of currencies. The economy we are witnessing is constructed on a foundation of growing debt. More on this subject in the article below.

Fed Driven Bubble Destined To End Badly.[1]

The destruction wrought by the draconian lockdown was in no way warranted by the "threat" of the pandemic whose dimensions and mortality were initially anything but clear and only marginally more so now. (Ever wonder what happened to the garden-variety flu?) The approach was identical to saying "highway automobile fatalities therefore bicycles, shanks mare, and public transportation." No discussion was tolerated -- and I do mean NO discussion -- that related to such obviously useful alternatives as hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and vitamin D, mortality risks, the efficacy of masks, or what might be a rational civilizational approach to risks versus benefits of any courses of action. I've seen more insightful and principled discussions of astrology.

Instead we ended up with NO national exercise in gathering and organizing data so that there could be a focused, coherent statement of what exactly we were facing and what alternatives there were. At SOME point the data started to come in but good luck finding any kind of an scoreboard. What we had instead was the enshrinement of the headless chicken approach adopted on day one of "the crisis."

The arbiter of our "approach" was one Anthony Fauci whose understanding and expertise are not all that clear at this point. Certainly, it is not clear that he should have commanded the heights of the national "conversation" (spit) on Charlie one niner. But there he was.

So the conclusion is inescapable that there was no honest search for understanding and selection from identified alternatives but rather the pursuit of an agenda of destruction. Sherlock Holmes to the rescue on this disturbing point. Namely, when you eliminate the notion that what was done was an honest attempt to pursue the best policy possible that rationally balanced risk and reward, what you have left, no matter how unlikely or implausible, is The Truth. And that inescapable truth is that there was no honest attempt to devise a salutary approach to this odd viral invasion and the approach chosen was to designed to devastate the United States, throw millions out of work, destroy millions of small businesses, increase citizen dependency, wreak economic havoc, and make a mockery of the Bill of Rights. Add in the fiscal and monetary lunacy, the destruction of one-third of our industrial base from off-shoring, and the ludicrous pursuit of foreign wars and the chimera of "leader of all the world" and the agenda of malevolence is clear.

If it's still not clear, ask yourself if you wanted to maximize the destruction resulting from this phenomenon loosely described as a "pandemic," what exactly would you do differently from what ended up being official policy?

Comment by Let It Go on [1] "Global Billionaires' Wealth Increase By $4 Trillion During The Pandemic." By Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge, 4/11/21.

April 7, 2021

Not often pointed out.

Today we're being fed justifications for escalating hostilities against Russia, China and Iran: they're bad actors, they defy our 'rules-based' global utopia, they have a bad human rights record, they're communists or undemocratic or anti-LGBT or whatever else might work to generate consent for another big war. However, the fact that one nation initiated more than 80% of all wars in the last seventy years does require an explanation, which I submit below (originally published in 2011): . . . .
"Deflationary gap and the West's war addiction." By Akrainer, ZeroHedge, 4/7/21.