August 1, 2021

Much ado about el zippo.

After all, the average (IFR) death rate of covid is a mere 0.26% of those infected (this is a stat that the media consistently and deliberately refuses to mention to the public). This means that 99.7% of the public is in NO danger from covid whether they are vaccinated or not.[1]
Actually, the source reports a median infection fatality rate of 0.26%. A median of 0.05% for people less than 70 years of age.

Listening to discussion of the covid-19 phenomenon is like reading the numbers provided in car commercials. So much down and so much for X months but you can be darn sure that that's hardly the real story. Dave Ramsey, the radio personal finance guy, last week reported, IIRC, that, on average, a person who leases a car and then purchases it at the end of the lease pays an effective interest rate of 14% for what is in essence a plain vanilla car loan. So with the hysteria over the virus. The IFR should drive all official action but it doesn't. You don't hear about it. The mere existence of the virus is treated like a guaranteed sentence of death unless . . . .

And the 14%, if you will, is in that "unless." But it's not a relatively endurable, if unwise, cost like that. No. The "unless" is what amounts to a vicious, mandatory, pointless attack on millions of workers and small businesses. For nothing. For something that is no threat whatsoever.

The rest of Mr. Smith's article is grimmer and, applying the Sherlockian formula, I am in complete agreement. Impossible for there to be good will. Therefore, ill will, no matter how improbable. A ton.

This vaccine obsession is sick and dangerous. And there is for darn sure another agenda being followed. Vaccinate babies? Sure, you sick bastards.

[1] "Why Are Globalists And Governments So Desperate For 100% Vaccination Rates?" By Brandon Smith, ZeroHedge, 7/31/21.

July 31, 2021

Objective truth.

In the 1960s, students fought for free speech but as a means to give voice to their cutting-edge progressive sensibility, which included contempt for the logic and achievements of existing institutions and for the wisdom contained in old books and ideas. Today’s students, sustained by a campus culture in which that progressive sensibility prevails, wish to impose it on everybody — in part, by stifling free speech.

However, it was not university students — either today’s or those of the 1960s — who first introduced the idea that progressive moral and political ideas were objectively true, beyond reproach, and should be affirmed by all. That conceit we owe to the founders of the progressive era.[1]

I think there's a feature of more autocratic government that's not always understood. Namely, that there's autocracy and then there's autocracy. Or, wise autocracy and unwise autocracy.

In the military, wise officers know not to issue an order they know will not be obeyed. You won't find that in the leadership manuals in so many words but they understand that there's give and take in all human situations, even ostensibly autocratic ones. We've all heard the witticism "if momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" which captures the truth that even people not in the formal power structure, if you will, can make life uncomfortable for you, if not downright miserable, if they withdraw their willing, good-humored assent from what is. The Soviet joke went "they pretend to pay us and we pretend to work."

Stupid leaders can resort to punitive measures but those only breed more resentment or fear and such leaders find their time unnecessarily taken up by ever increasing repression. If not themselves in front of a firing squad. In the case of the Ceausescus in Romania it might have been better, in the words of Silviu Brucan of the National Salvation Front (29:24), not to execute them but rather for them to understand the "dimension of the disaster they have left and the dimension of the popular feeling about them." Contemplate that for a moment. In particular, the phrase "dimension of the disaster."

What has the lunatic, depraved, arrogant left created here and throughout the Western world but a disaster? Deliberate destruction, reckless plunder, and desecration are the order of the day but our corrupt media will, every second of every hour, tell you it's sweet ambrosia. And what other popular feeling can there be but contempt for these fools? Do they think that their cheap censorship will keep it from growing?

A Russian friend told me a few stories of some of the czars in Russian history and based on that brief glimpse I was struck how the "problem" czars seemed oddly to come to an early end. There were, it seems, limits to how far the other aristocrats were willing go to put up with departures from the understood flight path, if you will. Just an impression and entirely worth every penny you paid for it.

Better to find the sweet spot of being top dog but one who uses humor, cajolery, praise, encouragement, consultation, and reason with just a hint of sterner measures should the need arise. That improves decision making in the long run and, voila, you get a big payoff in terms of legitimacy. Legitimacy is forever; temporary advantage lines tomorrow's bird cage. Dear Lord, please spare us the visionaries.

But that prayer is apparently not being answered just now. What we're seeing now is a determined, fanatical leftist exercise in jamming their idiosyncratic and vicious agenda down the throats of normal people. Sideways. There's not the least gesture in the direction of what might have been called the divine scheme, the natural order, the decent opinion of mankind, or the accumulated wisdom of mankind (AWOM).

Those concepts guarantee that a smile and a simple acknowledgment of the other person in any situation anywhere in the world will make your life easier.  They touch on something that is fundamental in the nature of human beings. The progressives, otherwise known as the lunatic left, have, however, chosen the opposite route requiring normal people to bow down to loathsome ideas and inferior beings and it's adios muchacho to any notion of consultation and compromise. In America now, the first official or media order of business is a firm middle finger salute and a hearty FUATHYRIO.

Message received 5 by.

The general principle still holds. Venture too far into the horse's ass territory and you might find your authority becoming a bit rubbery. This gentleman wants this principle to be understood clearly.

[1] "The Roots Of The Elite Left's Attack On Freedom." By Peter Berkowitz, ZeroHedge, 7/30/21.

July 28, 2021

Jefferson Davis.

Sam Jacob treats us to yet another insightful look at some aspect of American history or politics. This time he focuses on Jefferson Davis and the controversies that roiled the nation leading up to the Civil War, with a short take on the state of states' rights.

States' rights look to me like the way out of our current mess, they being kissing cousins with devolution and nullification. Watch this space.

"Jefferson Davis and the Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government: A Parent's Guide." By Sam Jacobs,, 7/__/21.

July 27, 2021

Pearls of expression.

In a “60 Minutes” interview the devious duo [Bill and Hillary] was trying to spin their way out of Jennifer Flowers tattling on her long-term affair with Bill. . . . Bill and Hill were supposed to come off as a normal, wholesome, devoted-to-each-other married couple instead of the more accurate picture that was coming into focus – a philandering cad and serial sexual harasser with an insanely power-hungry harpy in tow.
"'When Mama Ain’t Happy': Hillary Clinton meets Tammy Wynette." By Stephen Paul Foster, FosterSpeak, 6/30/21.

Two narratives about Franken-19.

Raúl Ilargi Meijer nicely contrasts the control/manipulation v. common sense thinking about The Virus:
"A Tale of Two Narratives." By Raúl Ilargi Meijer, The Automatic Earth, 7/27/21.
I still find the deception and malevolence behind the control narrative astonishing. It's a great tragedy that such an infestation of evil thinking occurred in the United States and throughout the Western world. We have a diseased political class. Particularly the press and big tech part.

Who are these people?

July 25, 2021

The giant middle finger from the toads.

The passage of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 was a classic demonstration of how America works, or doesn’t, depending on your point of view. While we focus on differences between Republicans and Democrats, it’s their uncanny habit of having just a sliver of enough agreement to pass crucial industry-friendly bills that really defines the parties.[1]
The giant higher education rip off is financed by a devil's bargain. Naïve, energetic, and/or ambitious young people buy into the notion that a college degree is essential. That degree has built in obligations for the student to finance stadium construction, frivolous degrees for one and all, princely salaries for professors and diversity commies, and, for good measures, a healthy dose of physical assault for free speech promoting un-woke opinions. The price of admission to this clown car experience is ruinous for the young who don't yet grasp the relentless effects of compound interest or that seemingly decent people would connive against them by making them the cash cows for the university high life.

The bankruptcy change guaranteed a life of debt slavery for such a precious resource with profound implications for political stability, home ownership, and family formation. A moral approach -- missing on all fronts -- would have shifted the risk to the universities and made them shoulder the risk of student default and fine tune their tuition, compensation, hiring, and curriculum policies accordingly.

But, no, that road wasn't traveled at all. Everything proceeded on autopilot and the devil take the hindmost. 21st-c. America in its present form. The young will justifiably feel outrage over this and America's political class will rightfully be seen in yet another area to be utterly indifferent to our national interest and the interests of our citizens.

Pay up, kids! Rev that hamster wheel. That's what the political class has in store for you. And, please. Don't blame "capitalism." There are basic duties of every decent government on earth that have nothing to do with that. Public order, honest dispute resolution, attention to the welfare of the nation as a whole, control of the plutocrats. Marxism has nothing to offer here except even worse concentration of power and even more official unaccountability. A profound moral revolution is called for. Solzhenitsyn pointed the way with his simple but complete injunction: "Live not by lies."

[1] "The Trillion-Dollar Lie. Universities built palaces and financiers made fortunes in part through a lie: that student loans can't be discharged in bankruptcy. But a series of court cases is helping unravel the scam." By Matt Taibbi, TK News, 7/22/21.

A giant uncontrolled experiment.

I have the feeling that the story about Covid and the vaccines is about to change dramatically . . . .

That is, we will be moving from “the vaccines will save you” to “the vaccines may kill you”. And I don’t mean through unintentional and unfortunate adverse effects, though those are bad enough, and much more common than we are “allowed” to know. I mean that the spike proteins the vaccines force your cells to make [. . .] kill more people than the virus they purportedly protect against.

* * * *

[Part of the vaccine approval process was not politicized but those involved] did get emergency authorizations, for which other substances, that could have saved countless lives, needed to be banned and ostracized. But in the end it all comes down to what the “vaccines” accomplish over the medium- to long term, and that is exactly the part that was never tested.[1]

Years ago I watched a NASA documentary about the many Shuttle missions and what had been learned or observed from them. One segment of the film reported that the forest clearing and burning in the Amazon was so extensive that it could be seen from the Shuttle. The rain forests were a matter of "great concern" in those days and I have a feeling that over the years the fear that the world would run out of oxygen abated quite a bit because nature's regenerative powers proved to be more than were expected. It's almost as though there was a terrestrial attempt to generate hysteria on an environmental issue, though I know that's just crazy talk on my part.

Be that as it may, the film had a rather elegant take on the issue, which was that humans were undertaking a giant uncontrolled experiment down there in the forest. It acknowledged a legitimate concern but stopped short of saying that doom was inevitable. Would that there were such restraint now. Mr. Meijer essentially makes the same point here, namely, that a certain supposed short-term efficacy of the vaccines is touted as getting us out of the "minefield" of the Franken-19 virus but no one knows jack about how this is going to play out long term.

That's a charitable take. Namely, reckless behavior to achieve a short-term benefit but crossed fingers on the long term. The less charitable take, which I endorse, is that there are elements of astonishing manipulation and determination to get the vaccines into the human piping regardless of any and all known risk factors. Kids and infants have nearly nonexistent risk of succumbing to the virus but the vaccine commies are, so help me God, absolutely determined to vaccinate THEM. Those are some diseased minds and tainted souls who are pushing that, but rest assured that they are.

Then there's the full-court press to denigrate and dismiss the now well known efficacy of HCQ and Invermectin, among other drugs and treatments, AND the very small risks of dying from the virus -- particularly if you actually do something for stricken people instead of sucking your thumb and mouthing the mantra "ain't it awful."

Too, I've read that earlier vaccines tried with the swine flu or something were withdrawn after the appearance of drug reactions far, far less serious than what were seeing now with this whatever. But here we are touting officially touting some revolutionary approach to immunization that involves fiddling with one's actual genes, if I understand the approach. This is not a traditional approach where a weakened or neurtralized piece of the disease organism is introduced to the immune system which is then "trained" to recognize the actual pathogen if it arrives. No such mobilization of the body's natural defenses is involved and now we have the spike protein cascading throughout the body like brooms in Disney's cartoon, "The Sorcerer's Apprentice." And we're supposed to listen to asshats who think they're gods and have the intellectual horsepower to reboot the globe. And spike proteins are collecting in the ovaries of women and the hearts, lungs, and brains of both sexes with consquences unknown to any human on earth (though we're beginning to get an idea). Fertility is what concerns me as does the obvious agenda of economic destruction.

A giant uncontrolled experiment.

I quote Paul Craig Roberts earlier. "The entire 'pandemic' has been conducted outside the realm of evidence." That is true and I have NO doubt that the public health, pharmaceutical, and media sectors know damn well that the evidence is firmly against them so censorship, repression, infantilization, and outright lies are the order of the day. God blesss the people in the streets in France and Greece who are signaling they've had enough with that.

[1] "Rage Against the Vaccine." By Raúl Ilargi Meijer, The Automatic Earth, 7/24/21.

July 19, 2021

A concept more honored in the breach of it.

Lead Engineer:

It is obvious now that the intelligence agencies are now doing more to undermine the country than to protect it. These agencies need to have a top to bottom process engineering review to see what the objectives are, how work is being managed and who is working on what. Anyone and anything not directly working on national security needs to be eliminated, just like downsizing and restructuring in corporate America.


And not some BS version of national security, like investigating Trump supporters simply for being his supporters, or for "trespassing" into the Capitol building (despite being ushered in by their police officers). ACTUAL national security, like Antifa/BLM, true terrorists/jihadists, drug cartels, human traffickers, the million+ illegals streaming unchecked across our southern border. You know, REAL security issues.[1]

Being a normal, productive, patriotic citizen now is like visiting the doc because of a broken arm and having him do the rubber hammer on your knee deal. One goes nuts waiting for even the most rudimentary of common sense official actions to be initiated while patently absurd notions are obsessively pushed at every level. Mentally disturbed people with sexual identity issues. Men having periods. U.S. troops all over the world defending God knows what but not a one defending the actual U.S. border against invasion. Routine, top priority stuff.

American politicians and officials are like Igor in "Young Frankenstein" when Dr. Frankenstein asks him how long has he had his hump. Igor respons, "What hump?" Except they're like that with genuine national security issues. Forty thousand American factories and all their jobs can be shipped to China and millions of Americans are pushed to the edge of penury and their lives turned upside down. What national security issue? Vile leftist filth taking over American streets? Is that a problem? Lunatic spending? Chill out, bro. Nothing to fret about.

[1] Comments on "Russiagate: Luke Harding's Hard Sell." By Joe Lauria, ZeroHedge, 7/18/21.