July 10, 2020

This is the economy.

It's hard to see where the following is wrong. Who would take the position that some devilishly clever master plan by the intellectual giants of our precious political "elite" will make all this come out fragrant, clean, and shiny?
[The stock market did very well in 2Q 2020, but the] economy, on the other hand, was severely scorched. Decades of debt had built up like dead wood amongst a forest understory. Then, at the worst possible time, government lockdown orders sparked a match and set it ablaze.

The results were predictable to everyone but the experts. Supply chain disruptions followed by retail disruptions, followed by declining sales, followed by disappearing cash flow, followed by layoffs, followed by business closures, followed by shrinking tax receipts, followed by unserviceable public and private debt, followed by mass bankruptcies, followed by riots, followed by full societal breakdown. The economic wildfire raged through so fast most people don’t comprehend what has happened.

The interim solutions from Washington, in concert with the Federal Reserve, have been to add more fuel. That is, the solutions have centered around mega efforts to paper over the economic depression with massive amounts of fake money.[1]

And for some really depressing news, Mr. or Ms. Gordon writes:
Indeed, the systematic destruction of the dollar, as a matter of policy, has grave consequences. Something big and ugly is coming.[2]
As one recovering alcoholic put it after recounting the utter disaster his life had become when he was an active alcoholic, "And my best thinking got me there." It is tempting to think that all of this is mere misjudgment, a series of honest judgment calls that went sideways. But that kind of thinking is for naifs and the addle-brained. This was avoidable a long time ago but every last opportunity that presented itself along the way to reverse course and re-embrace sanity was firmly declined like an invitation to a Nancy Pelosi pole dance.

Returning to sobriety left town on a rail to cries of "neo-liberalism!!!" and "austerity!!!"

We are so screwed with, inter alia, a corrupt Supreme Court, a hollow shell of a Constitution, vote fraud as astra, a predatory and hostile political elite, stifling monopolies, lunatic feminists, homosexuals and their corrosive agenda, a corrupt press, and half the population determined to recreate the Bolshevik catastrophe and turn the country over to millions of parasitic, hostile, non-assimilating foreigners and minorities in the process until their usefulness evaporates and firing squads can be organized. "Thank you for your service."

[1]  "'Something Big & Ugly Is Coming' - Game Over Spending." By M.N. Gordon, ZeroHedge, 7/10/20 (emphasis removed and added).
[2] Id. (Emphasis removed.)

July 5, 2020

Uncle Sugar and his other international incarnations.

Americans believe government solutions not the free market system is what causes economic growth. This misguided approach is the cause of the severe depression the global economy is entering into. Widespread prosperity or even well being is not possible when the system that completely causes prosperity is eliminated. That is what has happened. The state of being in a depression will be impossible for the economy to recover from given that the only path to recovery is being rejected.
This is another way of calling attention to the insanity of endlessly tearing into "capitalism." But it's beyond clear that the "capitalism" so reviled by any moron with access to a keyboard is a far cry from the real deal.

True capitalism does not have monopolies, stock market manipulation, monetary lunacy, fiscal diarrhea, off-shoring, cronyism, or mass immigration as any of its goals or treasured features. It's simply a type of economic organization that rewards enterprise, innovation, efficiency, and realistic thinking and which relies at its core on the innate human desire to build and improve one's own life. And on a considerable amount of government non-interference.

It is not intended that monopolies, plutocracy, worker exploitation, excessive taxation, welfare state profligacy and stupidity, organized crime, identity politics, poisonous feminism, reckless foreign wars, fraud, sky-high debt, or non-prosecution of fraud and crime are necessary parts. These are, in fact, wait for it . . . cancerous growths ON capitalism, just as they are growths on any other system that purports to seek justice, liberty, normality, and rationality. Even autocratic governments can seek the same thing and succeed if they take salus populi suprema lex esto as their watchword. "Autocratic" does not necessarily mean "repressive" though, admittedly, residents and citizens of Singapore must forego their God-given right to spit on the sidewalk or key cars. Is life possible without it? Or genital reassignment surgery?

Not all autocratic governments escape descending into repression, however. Some, like the U.S.S.R., did not pass "Go" and went straight to ghastly criminality and irrationality. A moral vacuum in the leadership of any nation, even our own, is a guarantee of industrial-scale criminality. And industrial-scale criminality is what we ARE witnessing right now, of course. If what we see is not the deliberate, criminal destruction of a decent civilization that will bring misery and death to millions then I beg to know just how it is the expression of anything decent or rational.

But, these are political problems about which no little discussion has been had over the millennia and they are distinct from the issue of what is the best ENGINE to build and power up to efficiently find and exploit resources to meet the needs and whims of fellow citizens and make a decent living for producers in the process. The engine in my car has no destination in mind and no concern for who rides in the seats. All it requires is fuel, fluids, a battery, wiring, a computer, and regular maintenance.

It also requires some outside entity to punish mechanics who tell me there's plenty of oil in it when there isn't. That's the aspect of true capitalism that requires outside (government) oversight to punish fraud and breach of contract and to unwind monopoly, among many other kinds of healthy, necessary maintenance. Economic systems require maintenance just as engines do but Western governments insist on active destruction.

The leftist/moron/parasite class beats their breasts and weeps copious tears because that efficient capitalist engine can't pull a flatbed trailer loaded with an Abrams tank or deliver a life of luxury and ease when governments waive their magic wands. Capitalism has failed them.

"The Central Planning Depression." By James Quillian, Fantasy Free Economics, 7/2/20 (emphasis added).

July 4, 2020

Tweeter in Chief.

President Trump responded to the [February 2017) Berkeley riots by sending in the National Guard to protect free speech at a public university. JUST KIDDING! He tweeted: “If U.C. Berkeley does not allow free speech and practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view — NO FEDERAL FUNDS?” … and then of course did nothing. Positively Churchillian![1]
The amazing Ann Coulter. Her whole article is an evisceration of our gutless conservatives and our craven officials, chief among whom is Donald Trump who left his troops to twist in the prosecutorial wind in the midst of an obvious attempted coup d'etat. But, to be fair, we know it was Sessions' fault. That cur.

[1] "Antifa’s a Laugh Riot – Until It Comes for You." By Ann Coulter, 7/1/20.

A little political science lesson.

How do we know that the riots are instigated, sponsored and used by the powers that be? Precisely because of the inactivity and indolence of the police, because of the inactivity and indolence of local; authorities, because of the media’s condoning tone towards the events. Lastly, history teaches us that revolutions, are made by means of popular protests and these protests are paid by very rich individuals. Professional revolutionaries whose task it was to destabilize Russia at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries were in the pocket of Alexander Parvus (born: Israel Gelfand) and Jacob Schiff. Individuals that later became the driving forces of the coup d’etat – Leon Trotsky (born: Lev Bronstein), creator of the Red Army – did not have to bother about their living.

The deletion of historical memory and the renunciation of the heroes of the past paves the way for replacing the United States of America with something new. Maybe the Union of Soviet States of America? At present it is the images, effigies, and monuments that are beheaded, trampled upon, kicked and drowned. Tomorrow it may very likely be people. Such are the dynamics of any revolutionary movement.[1]

What doesn't happen is often more revealing than what does happen. What gets covered in the media versus what doesn't get covered.

[1] "The Dis-United States Of America." BY GEFIRA, ZeroHedge, 7/4/20 (emphasis added).

July 3, 2020

On the brink.

From an Alasdair Macleod examination of inflation and monetary policy, among other things:
In summary, government finances started in this presidential election year with the largest deficit on record. We now have an economic disaster unfolding, driven not only by the COVID-19 lockdowns but by a confluence of a turn in the bank credit cycle and rising trade protectionism. It is no exaggeration to suggest we are on the brink of an economic catastrophe; a descent into an economic dark age. Not only is the budget deficit escalating to multiples of that expected as recently as last March, but there is no prospect of it declining at any time.[1]
I believe what Mr. Macleod means by a "turn in the bank credit cycle" is the recent reduction in bank lending. One of the reasons for Fed stimulus is to ensure continued lending to forestall productive business bankruptcies and hence greater unemployment, but now it appears overall bank lending has turned down. Moreover, such recent lending as there is has apparently gone to financial enterprises as well as productive enterprises, and the "turn" is even worse than it looks because financial enterprises are being favored by the banks even under these circumstances and the decrease in bank lending to productive enterprises is consequently worse.

Mcleod's essay is long and intricate and not for the faint of heart, at least if you're not an economist. It's still worth your time as anything you read about monetary policy and economic lunacy is a good investment. I try to read most of these articles and still struggle to understand the interrelationships but occasionally a useful insight does land in my brain. Take my word for it.

My assessment as a rank amateur in these matters is that the Fed is in full panic mode and it will be a cold day in Southside Chicago when the Congress and the president address the core problems of the economy and the nation. Obsession with

  • the lunatic BLM, AntiFa, structural racism, and the poeleece brutality canard;
  • the absolute awfulness of white people and our culture;
  • the doings of our, for some reason, mortal enemy Russia;
  • the dire necessity to subsidize single motherhood;
  • the absolute imperative to import more foreigners to take American jobs, drive down wage levels, suck up welfare, and sluice their hostile, aberrant cultural attitudes into American society;
  • military adventure in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Kosovo, and on the Russian border; and
  • who should rule in Iran and Hong Kong and how
will continue unabated.

But, tragically, the core problems of our society will also be studiously avoided, to wit,

  • the failure of the "civil rights" revolution as evidenced by the presence of a huge black underclass who will not accept responsibility for their academic, moral, and social failure, will blame the white man for their problems, will resort to riot, looting and arson at the drop of a hat, and will make whatever city, where they are a significant minority, unlivable and a reliable stronghold of electoral support for Democrat Party pathology;
  • concentration of wealth and resulting plutocratic distortion of politics in favor of the elites' ignorant infatuation with "climate change," socialism, globalism, and population reduction;
  • the inordinate influence of Jewish money in American politics;
  • the participation of dual citizens in American government;
  • the presence of tens of millions of un-deported illegal invaders inside the borders;
  • rampant, suffocating monopoly;
  • absurd media monopoly and consequent media corruption;
  • a massive assault on free speech by media and tech giants;
  • the existence of the clueless Federal Reserve Bank that has debased our currency and inexplicably sluices untold wealth into the hands of the private owners of the Fed;
  • imperial overreach and arrogant interference in the internal affairs of other nations;
  • 85 years of Supreme Court subversion;
  • the universal condemnation of Joseph McCarthy and his well-founded efforts to expose the extent of communist infiltration of the federal government (which is ongoing);
  • the destruction of the family at the hands of feminist and homosexual loons; and
  • a corrupt and utterly unresponsive Congress.
The lockdown for the virus has been horribly destructive and certain webizens make convincing arguments that the economic destruction is deliberate and aimed at discrediting Pres. Trump, regardless of the cost to ordinary people.

That's just a sideshow to the overall Klown Kavalcade of political failure, however. America -- and the rest of the Western world -- have proven to be not up to the task of preserving our civilization or warding off deeply-rooted, house-on-fire stupidity and gynomania, though I repeat myself just then. It's the culmination of some three centuries of Western "thinking" that man can order human affairs better than God and in utter disregard of man's fundamental nature.

Remember the Fabian slogans? "Remould it [the world] nearer to the heart's desire" and "Pray devoutly. Hammer smartly." Or, stated differently, change according to the fatuous notions of a tiny group of intellectual twits. And purposeful destruction.

Wonderful. Remember Pol Pot? He wanted to return to Cambodia and create a "perfect" democracy. We all know how that movie ended. Yes, let's trust the heart's desire of morons. And devils. And, boy howdy, it's hard to tell the difference sometimes until the mask comes off.

Government anywhere on the planet has two fundamental duties and only two: preserve the nation from external and internal barbarian attack. Western man, in his profound mental and moral stupor, has managed to rid his understanding of the very notion of barbarism and so spends massive energy to pass off rape, riot, murder, looting, arson, bastardy, abortion, sedition, subversion, treason, and double parking as being nothing more than the fleeting annoyance of dandelions and crabgrass in the front lawn.

Having chosen self-delusion, superstition, and the flight from reason as his Prime Directive, Western man has set his course to his imminent meeting with Solzhenitsyn's "pitiless crowbar of events" and his (Western man's) vindication of the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin's observation that "Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other."

Hang on, morons! You did H.L. Mencken proud.

[1] "Prices Are Going To Rise... And Fast!" By Alasdair Macleod, ZeroHedge, 7/3/20 (emphasis added).

June 28, 2020

David Stockman on the "bipartisan duopoly."

Stated differently, back in the day, we struggled to keep total federal spending during 1981 under $700 billion. By contrast, the Donald has borrowed nearly 4X that in the last 90 days!

So, yes, perhaps Trump’s one truthful boast is that he is indeed the king of debt.

Needless to say, there is nothing remotely rational, plausible or sustainable about an FY 2020 budget that’s going to end up with revenue south of $3 trillion and spending north of $7 trillion.

That’s not even banana republic league profligacy; it’s just sheer stupidity and madness, bespeaking a bipartisan duopoly in Washington that has had its collective brains turned into sawdust by the relentless, egregious money pumping of the central banks.

"David Stockman On What Could Happen If The Fed Loses Control." By Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge, 6/27/20.

No preemptive surrender.

There is simply no dialogue to be had with propagandists who demand, as a condition for that dialogue, that we acknowledge as true their fantasies on race, gender, immigration, or any other element of identity politics.
"To Win the Cold Civil War, Seek Peace through Strength." By Jeremy Carl, Claremont Institute, 6/4/20.

June 26, 2020

Cliff Notes version of "Black lives Matter."

Some may say [the] BLM movement is leftist in supporting justice for blacks against powerful white ‘racism’ and ‘white privilege’, but it’s really a form of black supremacism exploited by Jewish supremacism. Blacks act out in supremacist contempt toward the weaker races. They love to holler, intimidate, and do as they please.

They don’t really care about black lives, or else they’d stop murdering one another.

BLM implies that blacks lives are superior to white lives, and that’s why it’s an unforgivable sin for any white to kill a black; it’d be like a slave killing the master, and blacks feel as the new master race. BLM isn’t about remembrance of slavery and the dark past. Rather, it is a cultist-spiritualization of the past to elevate blacks from a people with a tragic history to new gods to be worshiped and ass-kissed by rest of humanity. It is the expression of black god-complex.

It is also a form of black nihilism, i.e. blacks can use anything as an excuse to rob, loot, pillage, beat up people, murder whites, shoot police officers, and etc. Blacks can act like animals by pretending to be angels.[1]

Note the many white people among the looters.

[1] From an excellent comment by Priss Factor on "A Country Not Salvageable. Nor, Many Say Quietly, Worth Saving." By Fred Reed, The Unz Review, 6/24/20 (paragraphs added). A superb article by Mr. Reed.

June 23, 2020

Pearls of expression.

Ultimately, the mainstream narrative about White identity politics is based on unreason and outright falsehood. An edifice built so obviously on an emotive disdain for facts and objective reality will be entirely unmoved by rejoinders employing them. . . .

* * * *

Looked at from an angle not dripping with footnotes and statistics, isn’t it clear that our opponents are, in some sense, crawling with “demons”? Aren’t they riddled with the most malevolent of intentions?

"Latter-Day Flagellants, Christianity, and the Politics of Evil." By Andrew Joyce, The Unz Review, 6/21/20.

June 22, 2020

The developing civil war.

The developing civil war.
After a series of setbacks in the Supreme Court, where it’s clear Chief Justice John Roberts is compromised in a fundamental way, Trump and Barr going after Berman makes sense. It was Berman [who] oversaw the raid on Jeffrey Epstein’s home and who is, apparently, still [?] in control over what can be done with the materials gained.[1]
This passage does not due justice to Mr. Luongo's excellent effort to sketch the outlines of the Deep State's panic and viciousness. It's on full alert and now grasping at any straw to hinder, stall, or destroy Trump politically.

The Deep State thrives in darkness but, it has not been able to hide completely and it has left footprints visible to the minimally sentient. For your consideration these are:

  1. the coverup of the obvious murder of Vince Foster;
  2. the appointment of Bret Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court after his role in making the coverup happen;
  3. Ken Starr's selection of the most salacious and inconsequential of Bill Clinton's transgressions, thereby making his efforts appear ridiculous and forestalling examination of Clinton's receipt of Chinese money for his campaign;
  4. the total disappearance from public view of former bar bouncer Craig Livingstone who helped Hillary get 700 FBI files on Republicans and who, on the night of Foster's death, gained access to the morgue to put something in Foster's pocket, possibly his car keys, as some have speculated;
  5. the non-prosecution of Hillary, Livingstone, and FBI officials for obtaining or providing such files;
  6. the MSM lack of curiosity about Hillary's location between the time Vince Foster left his office in the White House and the time he was found dead in Ft. Macy Park;
  7. the lack of MSM and official curiosity about semen found in Foster's underwear and its indicating that Foster was in fact enjoying life, not contemplating suicide;
  8. the MSM lack of curiosity about why Vince Foster employed Jerry Parks to bring back at least one load of $100 bills from Mena Airport in Arkansas in the trunk of his car;
  9. the MSM lack of curiosity about how Hillary could trade commodities by reading the next day's Wall Street Journal and miraculously be able to time her trades so that they take place at the peak or the trough of the day's market;
  10. the completely bogus demonization of "expansionist" Russia as though Lenin and Stalin had risen from their graves and Russia had not turned decisively away from it Bolshevik past;
  11. the MSM lack of curiosity about Hillary's abandonment of our guys to the jihadis in Benghazi but their total fixation on one Trump phone call to the president of Ukraine;
  12. the MSM lack of curiosity about our insane policy of hostility toward and obsession with regime change or "nation building" in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Russia, and Ukraine, Venezuela;
  13. the MSM lack of curiosity about the influence of a Zionist billionaire casino owner -- who's ashamed of his service in the U.S. Army -- on American politics;
  14. the MSM lack of curiosity about the total corruption of American politics by the fabulously wealthy;
  15. the MSM lack of curiosity about AIPAC's refusal to register as a foreign agent;
  16. the unpunished Israeli attack on the USS Liberty;
  17. the unexplained assassination of JFK;
  18. 55+ years of open borders, yapping about "comprehensive immigration law reform," avoiding mandatory use of e-Verify like the plague, feeble-to-nonexistent deportation of illegals, tidal waves of H-1B job thieves, and Trump's mewling about the need for more legal immigration;
  19. the "viciousness and hysteria of the Never Trumpers;
  20. the uselessness and co-optation of the supposed "extreme right";
  21. the off-shoring of tens of thousands of American factories to China;
  22. the immiseration of the middle and working classes with payoffs to Wall Street and corporate America in the billions;
  23. astronomical, never-ending debt and vicious attack on savers;
  24. never-ending affirmative discrimination against white people accompanied by yowls about "equality" and "fairness";
  25. endless subsidy of and reward for black indolence, family disintegration, and urban destruction;
  26. total DOJ indifference to massive monopoly control of American business;
  27. total official passivity in the face of the most astonishing attack on free speech in our entire history;
  28. abject official surrender to leftist, woke, "gender," and man-child idiocy;
  29. total official passivity in the face of organized street thuggery and insurrection by the AntiFa filth;
  30. foreigners pushing Americans out of prized STEM positions at our universities;
  31. total press indifference to recent supreme Court judges coming from only two Ivy League universities;
  32. the indifference of the MSM and the legal community to the glaring evisceration of the Constitution through Supreme Court betrayal on the issue of the Commerce Clause and the "living Constitution";
  33. the disappearance of Anthony Wiener's laptop with Hillary's emails;
  34. the astonishing fact that Muslim Brotherhood operatives may have had control over and access to the computer system of congressional Democrats;
  35. the Democrat screwing of Bernie;
  36. rampant vote fraud and complete and complete official indifference thereto;
  37. 95% of DHS contracts going to Israeli firms; and
  38. billions of dollars flowing annually to Israel, a country that means exactly nothing to us.
Obviously, a partial list. If you can get "popular sovereignty," "salus populi," or "functioning Republican government" out of any of that you have indeed got access to some righteous white man's firewater.

One or two mosquitoes won't turn a garden party into a Chinese fire drill but hundreds of them certainly will. I marvel at the bovine acceptance of these outrages on the part of Americans but sooner or later even the somnolent and sitcom- and CNN-besotted will begin to suspect that they're not in Kansas any more. However, the pendulum has swung far into the region of pure asininity and it will not now swing back without, shall we say, a certain firmness of purpose on the part of solid citizens. Solid men to the front.

[1] "Luongo: The US Is In Civil War (And Why Berman's Firing Matters)." By Tom Luongo, ZeroHedge, 6/22/20.