February 24, 2023

The stark truth about American elections.

Unless a candidate is a billionaire, it is impossible for him to run unless he has large contributors intent on having their interests served.

This means that the interests of large campaign contributors come first. They are the ones who originate bills and control the outcomes with lobbying. We also know that every regulatory agency is captured by the group that is being regulated. For example, the Covid protocols and “vaccine” mandates proved that the NIH, CDC, and FDA are marketing agents for Big Pharma, not protecters of the public’s health. Why do you think that America alone is always at war? It is because of profits for the armaments corporations. Washington has institutionalized three formidable enemies–Russia, China, and Iran -- and that guarantees the budget and power of the military/security complex.

Americans cannot govern themselves because an oligarchy governs through campaign contributions. A crazed, indeed one could say treasonous, US Supreme Court destroyed all accountability of government to the people in 2010 with its Citizens United ruling that legalized the private purchase of government by removing limits on campaign contributions in the name of free speech, a ruling that turned corporations into people.

"In America Democracy Is a Veil Behind Which the Oligarchy Rules." By Paul Craig Roberts, 2/20/23.

February 21, 2023

Pearls of expression.

Every culture has to deal with the inevitable problems caused by rampant masculinity. For example, Europe spent over a thousand years nagging and cajoling its hereditary warlords into behaving a little more like Christian gentlemen.

What has never worked is giving up the struggle, as American culture has more or less done in this decade. Lately, we’ve declared that all empirical evidence of bad behavior by blacks must be proof of white malevolence.

Not surprisingly, this cultural collapse is inducing blacks to behave even worse.

"America’s Black Male Problem." By Steve Sailer, Taki's Mag, 2/15/23.

February 7, 2023

Pearls of expression.

We saw a big rotation into risk assets after last week’s Federal Reserve meeting. Then we had another big shock to the markets when the non-farm payroll report came out much stronger than expected. In his podcast, Peter Schiff broke down the market reaction to last week’s events and reveals that while risk was on, economic understanding was off.
~ Tyler Durden.

January 2, 2023

Time to stop pretending.

The Chinese philosopher Confucius (c. 551 – c. 479 BC) observed a while ago that the beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names.

Known as the doctrine of the rectification of names, it held that if people can't agree on the meaning of words it's unlikely that relations between people can be harmonious or that sound government policy can be made. Think of the words "wife," "husband," "man," "woman," "marriage," "climate change," "racism," "affirmative action," "education," "elections," "constitution," "Russian expansionism," and "democracy" as they are used now and you can't help noticing that their meanings are, shall we say, a bit rubbery.

"Marriage" seems to mean something not much different from "shacking up" in some quarters and good luck figuring out what "natural born citizen" means. (Someone should ask that constitutional law professor, Barack Obongo, about that latter term.) "Enumerated powers" now means "unenumerated powers" and "international border" now means "superhighway." "Department of Homeland Security" is pregnant with meaning. It's just that I don't know what that meaning is. Nothing to do with "security" apparently.

I hate to think what "love" entails and seeing as how this is a family site I won't go into detail on that.

The good news is that "clown," "vicious, corrupt political class," "congressional whore," "sedition," and "treason" are terms that I find to be yet crystal clear, but maybe that's just me.

It's a puzzle it is, Ollie.

Here's a modern take on dealing with, um, lack of precision in "our" thinking:

For the past two years I can only encapsulate the entire social, political and socioeconomic dynamic that surrounds us by saying we are living in an era of great pretending. Why? Because nothing else adequately explains it.

A recession is no longer two negative quarters of economic growth. Elections are no longer defined by votes cast, but by ballots counted. Meanwhile, women are claimed to have penises and people will argue -strenuously and with commitment- that men can give birth to babies.

Simultaneously, vaccines are no longer about medicines to avoid viruses, and Americans have some moral obligation to fund the administrative salaries, pensions and expense accounts for a nation of European politicians, in a country that few taxpayers could find on a map.

We must pretend the occupant of the oval office is not a dementia patient, at the same time we must pretend the Dept of Homeland Security and FBI is not telling online speech platforms that identifying the dementia patient, as a dementia patient, means you are a domestic violent extremist. The absurdity of the pretenses are off-the-charts.

* * * *

When it becomes so easy to deconstruct the madness simply by pointing out the reality, eventually anyone can do it. In an era of great pretending, when you speak factual and [plain] truth, people thirsting will come for the sanity. Yes, there’s only so much hypocritical nuttery that can possibly fit into the social fabric of a nation, and we’re full.[1]

[1] "2022, Perhaps the Apex Year for an Era of Pretending." By Sundance, The Conservative Treehouse, 12/31/22 (emphasis added).

November 30, 2022

Patriot merchandise.

I'm a fan of Sam Jacobs over at Ammo.com. He's alerted me to merchandise they're offering so with the expectoration of huge bribes and payoffs I'm featuring a link to their new site under "Merchandise" on the sidebar. It's even caught the attention of ZeroHedge.

Ammo.com is listed separately on the sidebar of my amazing site so go there too, fellow conspiracy theorists.

November 27, 2022

Sorta what I've been thinking.

This is all planned by those mad idiots who want to control the world. They are very content in burning down the world as we know it. Masks are off...look what's happening in the States...we are on the edge of financial collapse, open borders, the pushing of CRT and the normalization of LGBTQ. This is everywhere...its going to get biblical.
Comment by Metochos on "Germany's Migration Policy Is "From The Madhouse", Says FDP Deputy Leader About His Own Coalition Govt." By John Cody, ZeroHedge, 11/27/22.

November 16, 2022

A perfect storm of decay and destruction.

They are trying to convince me Americans voted for inflation, recession, war, CRT in our schools, gender fluidity, mutilating children, pedophilia, open borders, masking and vaxxing children, lockdowns, mandates, dead guys, and brain damaged commies. That is not what happened. They just used the exact same methods in the key races in the key states they used in 2020 to steal the elections. Why change if it works?

In the State of Florida, which implemented rational voting procedures and limited mail-in ballots, Ron DeSantis, who won in 2018 by 32,000 votes over a black, criminal, drug addict, deviant, won re-election by 1.5 million votes last week. After two years of torturing our children, encouraging murder, rape, robbery, and destroying our economy, the Democrats should have experienced massive losses in the mid-terms.

* * * *

The mail-in ballot scam used in 2020 due to the “Covid emergency” was kept in place, even though there is no emergency, because that is how Democrats can guarantee victory forever. . . .

* * * *

Those in control of this entire rigged system, including republicans like McConnell and Graham, don’t want anything to change, as they enrich themselves and their globalist benefactors no matter who is elected/selected. . . .

The globalists calling the shots want you demoralized, indebted, fearful, freezing, starving, and angry at each other, as they methodically implement their Great Reset agenda without fear of retribution or even comprehension of what their diabolical scheme entails. . . .

* * * *

The 2023 recession will trigger much higher unemployment and crashing stock, real estate, and bond markets. . . . This absurd woke agenda of glorifying deviancy and abnormality will fall by the wayside as people will be forced to worry about survival as opposed to this trivial nonsense.

At some point, life in America will become unbearably real, something that now it most clearly is not. Remember the candidate for the Supreme Court who could not define what a woman is? Right now we are still lapping up elite propaganda and we tolerate street-fighting leftist filth who make Hitler's Brown Shirts look like Boy Scouts and prosecutors who live to flood our streets with violent criminals and persecute patriots.

But the iron laws of arithmetic, inflation, and fossil energy cannot be ignored forever and a hostile political class cannot forever lie (1) that we live under constitutional government and not an oligarchic plutocracy and (2) that they have even the most basic interests of the Nation or its people in mind. Points one and two are absurd distortions.

Film at 11.

"Quinn: You Can't Escape The Fourth Turning's Winter Of Death." By Jim Quinn, ZeroHedge, 11/16/22.

September 25, 2022

Pearls of expression.

The revolution you see today had to start at the top because the people – the voters – were unwilling to spark revolutionary change. Power then imposition, through the institutions and the bureaucracies onto the population. Enabled by the constraints on bureaucratic power being unenforced and the limitations on legislative authority being ignored. Elections thought to reflect the will of the people instead force on the people the will of the elected.[1]
The part about voters being unwilling to spark revolutionary change is right. I've long decried European voters who time after time forego opportunities to empower patriotic parties. Canada and California had a chance to get rid of their resident zealots but voted to retain them. The U.S. is no different. We tolerate buffoons, grifters, and the controlling influence of the billionaire class why? Soros should dictate who is a proper prosecutor? Dark money and Zuckerbucks should slosh over the electoral landscape to further whose agenda? A lot, if not all of that is understandable in light of our vast parasitic underclass but still.

Mencken said every once in a while "[e]very normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands [and] hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats." Now would be good. All peaceful like, of course.

[1] "Revolutions And The Curse Of Democracy." By Techno Fog, ZeroHedge, 8/5/22 (emphasis removed).