January 24, 2021

Our petty, vindictive, manipulative, scheming Navy.

Here's a story that will fry your frazzle:

"USNA Cancel Culture: Update on MIDN 1/C Chase Standage, USN." By Stu Cvrk, RedState, 1/24/21.

This to skewer a Naval Academy midshipman with "an exemplary record." And note the part about having the man repay $174,753, the cost of his education at the Academy.

It's only a movie.

Thankfully, we have Silicon Valley fact checkers and corporate media commentators to lead us to the valley of truth, which informs us that all those Trump “insurgents” who invaded the Capitol building on January 6th were motivated by pure evil intentions rooted in racism, sedition and white supremacist ideology. And as Hillary Clinton suggested during an off-the-rails interview with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Trump and his motley crew of deplorables may have taken their marching orders from none other than Vladimir Putin himself. Who needs fiction writers these days when we have the Democratic Party?
"Is The Dis-Uniting Of America Now Inevitable?" By Robert Bridge, ZeroHedge, 1/23/21 (emphasis removed).

January 22, 2021

Working hypothesis.

. . . I hope, with all my heart, they [Americans] wake up to the psychopathic, sadistic, predator class that truly rules them before it is too late for all of us . . . .[1]
Completely unrelated development:

It only took Joe Biden 24 Hours to begin screwing up world affairs. The United States military is moving a MAJOR military convoy INTO eastern Syria. Russia is now moving their own MAJOR Convoy to intercept the US Convoy.[2]
Russian military moves in response to said U.S. movements would be a major response. CIA-Simulation Warlord has a video of Russian military vehicles backed up on a road where a very large number of semis are also lined up. Whole lotta shakin' goin' on. The video shows only the tail end of whatever the Russians had on the road and that consists of eight heavy trucks, an ambulance, and an armored personnel carrier. That was yesterday and supposedly the convoy was heading east toward Al Hasakah in the northeast. We shall see.

However, I'm sure the part about U.S. movements is accurate.

Vanessa Beeley notes below the recent uptick in terrorist activity, which means ISIS activity I presume, but then that's just a semi-educated guess. Given evidence of prior U.S. solicitousness toward ISIS, I don't doubt "our" secret cooperation with them lives on. John McCain's chin wag with the "opposition" filth in Syria a while back didn't exactly take place in a vacuum. The "rat line" from Benghazi to Syria was not what you'd call a rogue operation and then there's the enormous support for the White Helmets that the United States and the United Kingdom provide. Because . . . why?

So this uptick in opposition activity has nothing to do with the new U.S. move? Sure.


I have been talking about the Biden administration for some time now in relation to Syria and I have predicted that the aggression against Syria will now be escalated. Since the New Year we have seen an increase in US-backed, trained and equipped terrorist attacks on Syrian Arab Army and civilian convoys including fuel convoys. This is a deliberate strategy to push the Syrian people further into food insecurity and depravation (sic) with the coldest winter months now here.[3]
With luck the U.S. will exercise its previous restraint when confronted by Russian forces, if it comes to that. Perhaps this supposed Russian response will be enough of a message to keep oligarchic forces from making fresh moves.

[1] "Israeli war crimes in Syria – the Trump/Biden strategy." By Vanessa Beeley, The Wall Will Fall, 1/22/21.
[2] "It only took 24 Hours: US Sends MAJOR Convoys Into Syria; Russian Moving Convoys to Intercept!" By Hal Turner Radio Show, 1/22/21.
[3] Beeley, supra.

January 20, 2021

Pearls of expression.

Nothing says 'landslide win' like 25,000 troops guarding your inauguration and a wall around your offices. Nothing.
Comment by Zorch on "McConnell Sparks GOP-Split Talk, Claims 'Mob Was Fed Lies...Provoked By Trump.'" By Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge, 1/20/21.

January 19, 2021

Clarity is achieved.

The left has never tried to solve any problem, only capitalize on them. After all, they are trying to destroy the country as founded, not fix it. They aren't going to start now.
Comment by RexSeven on "Now, The Left Owns It All." By Pat Buchanan, ZeroHedge, 1/19/21.

Pearls of expression.

Liberals who implored us to understand the grievances of the rioters, looters and arsonists last summer have become sudden converts to the church of law and order.

Elites who had condoned the smashing of statues and monuments to Columbus, Washington, Jefferson and Jackson as a needed cleansing of our hateful history have declared themselves sickened that Trumpists would desecrate the temple of democracy.

Had it been antifa or BLM that carried out the invasion, not one statue would have been left standing in Statuary Hall, and we would have been instructed that it was slaves who had, after all, built the Capitol building.

"Now, The Left Owns It All." By Pat Buchanan, ZeroHedge, 1/19/21 (emphasis removed).

January 17, 2021

It will pass like a dream.

My title for this is a line out of the song below which more aptly suits my mood these days.

"Many are the ways of man but the will of the Lord will prevail" is also a thought made for troubled spirits. As is "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding." Then there's the story of Icarus.

Not exactly Enlightenment fare.

Such perspectives are a useful fallback view and excellent reminders of the truth of the maxim "Just because you can doesn't mean you should." Reason and experience are now obviously mere background noise in the West and we can take to heart Napoleon's idea that one should never interfere with one's opponent when he's making a mistake. If our enemies want to inject political crack in their veins it's not as though they haven't been warned. So we shall see how this all plays in Bozeman and Pascagoula.

In the meantime we can enjoy the perspective of some of our friends who are woke as to different realities.

The title of the song is "My native land in the sky."

The Democrat long-range strategy.

Preserving the Constitution and liberty are not on the Democrat to-do list. First the Dems, their donors and their think tanks went after industrial America. Now they are targeting retail America. You can cut the malevolence with a knife.
The lockdowns did not stop the [virus] surge and the [Black Lives Matter] race riots did nothing for black lives. . . . But the lockdowns and the riots did achieve their true goals which, among others, was to decimate the retail sector in order to reconstruct the economy and local politics.

. . . And the Democrat playbook is to cause the disaster and then control the recovery. . . .

The recovery is the carrot while the disaster is the stick, but both reconfigure the economy to undermine the independence of businesses and the social mobility of individuals, moving money and jobs away from conservative areas and businesses, and into leftist areas and organizations, while deepening big government’s death grip on the economy.[1]

And all dissenting voices are to be ruthlessly suppressed.

[1] "Democrats Destroyed All the Savings of Americans Three Times Over." By Daniel Greenfield, 1/12/21.

Doom, doom.

But very few scholars and no journalists study history. Instead we are now in an era when both the media and universities worldwide want to erase history and rewrite the history books. This shows us the total lack of understanding of the utmost importance of history in the evolution of the world.

But this is part of the total decadence and denial that we see at the end of major eras or cycles. The current cycle, whether it is just a 300 year cycle or a 2,000 year old cycle is now coming to an end. These changes clearly don’t happen overnight but the first phase of the fall can be dramatic. And that phase is likely to be starting very soon.[1]

This from an article in which is to be found a rather plain description of the fiscal and monetary madness that the "experts" have engineered.

No one. NO . . . ONE . . . is laying it on the line for reversing course on this. Kids with massive debt and unable to get a decent job, start a family, and buy a house. Factory jobs sluiced to a communist dictatorship. Hostile, rejectionist foreigners imported by the millions to steal jobs, drive down wages, and claim welfare as a human right. (As per plan.) Pointless, illegal wars against people who are zero threat to the United States. Economy-killing lockdowns and attendant unnecessary destruction of tens of thousands of small businesses. Anything and everything to obtain short-term political advantage. And, of course, to fund gender studies in Pakisan.

Annnddd . . . away we go. Coming up from Joe: a further doubling of the debt.

Meekly accepted.

Total decadence hardly begins to describe this. Even Denzel Washington won't be able to stop this runaway train.

[1] "Biden's Banana Republic." By Egon von Greyerz, ZeroHedge, 1/14/21.

January 14, 2021

Mootness anyone?

Despite his imitation of a cheese-eating surrender monkey on the matter of challenging corruptly-generated electoral vote certifications, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) correctly notes the distinction between a constitutionally prescribed impeachment proceding and a Maxine Waters-AOC mud wrestling contest:
Cotton, in his statement, emphasized his priority on “fidelity to the Constitution,” explaining that “the Founders designed the impeachment process as a way to remove officeholders from public office—not an inquest against private citizens.”[1]
I'm reminded of Gene McCarthy's characterization of a Texas barbeque as an LBJ branding party that got out of hand. So with the various zealots, bed wetters, and spoil sports in the Congress who think that an impeachment that takes less time than a visit to the Bunny Ranch in Nevada (with the same general objective let it be said) will have a half life of ten years after January 20. Good luck with that, kiddies and I hope Ronald McDonald and Bozo file a class action against each one of you for sullying the clown brand.

The Supreme Court appears to adore technicalities such as "standing" and at least one other court in the land has discovered the hair trigger version of "laches" where if a litigant delays litigating an actual case or controversy for longer than a Nancy Pelosi Brazillian blowout (is that one word or two?) he, she, or it is SOL, to use a technical legal term that has come down to us from the time of King Arthur.

At least, the Court adores technicalities that disadvantage Donald Trump. Let's see how John Roberts handles the Art. I, Sect. 3 requirement that the Chief Justice shall quote unquote preside when the President of the United States is tried. If recent history is any guide John won't blink an eye over screwing Donald Trump by presiding over the trial of President Joe Biden. No, wait! It's so confusing.

As the issue of the propriety of any "conviction" will most assuredly end up in the courts were the supposedly disqualified Mr. Trump to come back in 2024 with guns blazing, his lawyers could raise the issue of "mootness" as addressed hitherto by the Supreme Court:

Cases may be rendered moot because of a change in the status of the parties or in the law, or because of an act of one of the parties that dissolves the controversy.[2]
Annnyyyway, there just is no provision in the Constitution for the conviction of a private citizen, even one previously impeached while holding office. Clearly the Constitution contemplates trials only of serving officials as is evidenced by the plain language of Art. I, Sect. 3 that "Judgment in Cases of Impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from Office, and disqualification . . . ." Even disqualification (with the supposedly valid congressional precedent only of a simple majority for imposition) is possible only in cases of "Judgment in Cases of Impeachment." It's an understatement to say that it would be tortured interpretation of the Constitution that removal from office is moot as to someone no longer in office but that it would still be open season on said someone in perpetuity if, in the absence of a conviction, a majority of the senate felt like imposing disqualification the next time the sacred festival of Kwaanza rolls around.

Too, if Marbury v. Madison held that duly enacted legislation could not constitutionally expand the constitutionally-defined jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, then the attempt by a mere single chamber of the Congress to expand its jurisdiction to allow the conviction (and disqualification) of a private citizen must also fail.

So let us see how the Whores of Powertown proceed.

[1] "Tom Cotton: Senate ‘Lacks Constitutional Authority’ to Proceed with Impeachment After Trump Leaves Office." By Ashley Oliver, Breitbart, 1/13/21.
[2] "Mootness: An Explanation of the Justiciability Doctrine." By U/I attorney, Congressional Research Service, 2/7/07 (emphasis added).