October 24, 2021

Voices from Russia.

First it was Solzhenitsyn who warned the West of the danger of worshipping lies.

That was a waste of his valuable time as lies drive events in America like a freight train plows through a blizzard:

  1. Russia is a threat to the United States but it's unreasonable for Russians to conclude that American bases and NATO maneuvers near or on the borders of Russia are evidence of a threat to them.
  2. Lunatic debt is not a problem.
  3. Lunatic spending is not a problem.
  4. Politicians can do a better job managing the economy than businessmen.
  5. White people are genetically racist.
  6. White people have made no honest attempt to rectify prior abuses suffered by black people.
  7. White people are responsible for all the ills suffered by blacks.
  8. Black culture is not poisonous to blacks because of egregious black criminality and it is not filled with hatred for non-blacks.
  9. Men can decide to be women and women men.
  10. Offshoring jobs to China is good for the American economy.
  11. Health care is a federal responsibility.
  12. Education is a federal responsibility.
  13. Old age security is a federal responsibility.
  14. Discriminating against white people is a federal responsibility.
  15. The Supreme Court is a zealous guardian of the Constitution and a champion of individual liberty.
  16. The federal government is presently not a grotesque monstrosity that in no way whatsoever resembles the constitutional scheme of a hamstrung national government and all other powers residing with the states and the people.
  17. Homosexual marriage is a right found somewhere in the Constitution.
  18. A "right of privacy" can be found in the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.
  19. The 2020 elections were honest and regular and the courts of the nation have all rejected challenges to them with decisions on the merits.
  20. The United States has the absolute right to wage war on any nation on the planet and remove or kill rulers who do not meet the standards of "liberal democracy" as defined by the U.S., no matter how corrupt its own politics are at home.
  21. The world yearns for American leadership and welcomes our official enthusiasm for celebrating homosexuality and sexual confusion.
  22. The state and federal governments of the U.S. are not controlled by banks, NGOs, hedge funds, corporations, billionaires, drug cartels, Saudi Arabia, China, and Israel.
  23. Capitalism is inherently a corrupt economic system and all alternative systems are preferable to it. Any defect, aberration, or corruption of capitalism resulting from government failure to exercise appropriate supervisory powers is the fault of "capitalism."
  24. Free speech can be abridged or denied by large corporations even though they are but proxies for the federal government.
  25. The Constitution is a "living" constitution that can be changed on a moment's notice by five justices of the Supreme Court if the notion strikes them.
  26. Women can be astronauts, warriors, and defense secretaries, especially the latter because the warrior ethic courses through female veins just as much as through male ones.
  27. The experimental Covid-19 gene therapy cocktail is effective, with acceptable side effects.
  28. It is necessary to administer this gene therapy to infants and children.
  29. The destruction of hundreds of thousands of small businesses is a small price to pay to attempt to avoid Covid-19, which has an infection survival rate of over 99% for most people.
  30. It is perfectly acceptable for hitherto unknown persons -- in league with large numbers of extremely rich and powerful individuals elected by no one -- to plan for a radical transformation of the entire world that involves, inter alia, a complete loss of all property rights.
  31. President al-Assad of Syria is a war criminal who is happy to bomb and gas Syrian civilians in order to stay in power.
  32. The war in Syria is a civil war.
  33. The United States notion of a rules-based international order is not a workaround for the restrictions that are integral to the system of collective security established after WWII and overseen by the United Nations.
  34. The United States is not waging aggressive war against the sovereign nation of Syria and its war on Syria has been constitutionally authorized by the United States Congress.
  35. Israel is America's strongest ally in the M.E., if not the whole world, and it is in America's interest to provide billions and billions of dollars to it so some of that money can used in turn to influence U.S. elections.
  36. The American-Israeli Political Action Committee is categorically not an agent of a foreign power where the Israeli government works with Americans to take political action inside the United States and it is thus in no way required to register with the Department of Justice pursuant to the Foreign Agents Registration Act.
  37. The Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 was a regrettable accident.
  38. Our men in Benghazi were not abandoned by Pres. Obama.
  39. A Syrian government SU-22 fighter-bomber attacked civilians in Khan Sheikhoun with sarin gas on April 4, 2017 and two days were enough time for the United States government to determine Syrian responsibility, especially given the availability of a map of the radar track of the aircraft that showed it never flew closer than two kilometers to the center of the city.
  40. The air attack on the Syrian Arab Army position outside of Deir ez-Zor by Operation Inherent Resolve coalition aircraft on September 17, 2017, which attack was immediately followed by an ISIS ground attack, was a regrettable accident.
  41. Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide while in federal custody and it was pure coincidence that the surveillance cameras malfunctioned at that time.
  42. Vince Foster committed suicide in Ft. Marcy Park, Virginia.
  43. George Floyd was an exemplary citizen who was murdered by a demonic officer of the law who is typical of all law enforcement officers.
  44. We had conclusive proof that Saddam Hussein was developing WMD.
  45. The Iranian general Soleimani was a terrorist.
  46. The riots following the death of Floyd were mostly peaceful.
  47. Barack Obama and Kamala Harris are natural born citizens.
  48. The MSM are objective and honest in their reporting of the news.
  49. There is a global climate emergency.
  50. Fossil fuels can be replaced effortlessly at little cost and but minor changes in our habits.
  51. Monopolies are nowehere to be found in America.
  52. Multiculturalism and diversity are hugely beneficial aspects of any Western nation and Westerners' lives are immeasurably improved by the importation of third-world people with vastly different values, no desire to assimilate, and every wish to become public charges further burdening the American taxpayer. Importing millions of Muslims to the United States is an especially big plus, given their contempt for infidels and the fact that the tenets of that religion command that infidels submit to Muslim authority and that Muslims never submit to be governed by non-Muslims.
  53. The U.S. supplied, trained, and supported al-Qaida and ISIS in Syria and has been the leader of Operation Inherent Resolve, all of which have resulted in the death of thousands of Syrian troops and over 400,000 Syrian civilians, the displacement of millions of Syrians, and the destruction of huge portions of Syria's cities but it's Iran that's the chief sponsor of terror in the world.
  54. The FBI can track down every last January 9 "insurrectionist" but it can't find its ass with both hands when it comes to helping the states locate the AntiFa filth who bring baseball bats, helmets, shields, firebombs, and blinding lasers to "demonstrations" and use them on patriots.
Then we hear from Vladimir Putin who wisely observes:
"Of course, it's none of our business what is happening - the social and cultural shocks that are happening in some Western countries. Some believe that aggressive blotting out of whole pages of your own history, the affirmative action in the interest of minorities, and the requirement to renounce the traditional interpretation of such basic values as mother, father, family, and the distinction between sexes are a milestone ... a renewal of society."[1]
His speech should be read by all. He is respectful but urges Western countries against ideological excess:
"Incidentally, the Bolsheviks were absolutely intolerant of other opinions, different from their own," Putin continued. "I think this should remind you of something that is happening. And we see what is happening in Western countries, it is with puzzlement that we see the practices Russia used to have and that we left behind in the distant past, the fight for equality and against discrimination turns into an aggressive dogmatism on the brink of absurdity, when great authors of the past such as Shakespeare are no longer taught in schools and universities because they announced as backward classics that did not understand the importance of gender or race."[2]
The West is committed full bore to civilizational suicide and that's the long and the short of it. Putin's and Solzhenitsyn's sincere, objective warnings cannot reverse this as many brilliant and learned men and women closer to home have already demonstrated with futile efforts to awaken the sleepwalkers for whom the destruction, theft, lunacy, slaughter and murder of the last century are as real as scenes from a cheap zombie movie. Say whuh?

Economic hardship, if not an impending economic collapse, will doubtless awaken many but it will be too late to escape the coming hard times. Hard times that never needed to arrive had the political class managed to embrace a modicum of common sense and reject the intoxication of progressive nonsense. But common sense is in perilously short supply and we will pay dearly for our embrace of gigawatt stupidity and arbitrary government.

[1] "Putin Warns Wokeness is Destroying West: 'It Happened in Russia 100 Years Ago, it's Evil, and it Destroys Values.'" By Ryan Saavedra, SOTT, 10/22/21 (emphasis removed).
[2] Id. (Emphasis removed).

October 23, 2021

Cynic's corner.

In recent days, the UN and other international organizations have begun warning of a worsening humanitarian situation in Yemen. This is a testament to the Houthis’ success in their operations.

It has become customary that each time Ansar Allah evidently take the upper hand in the war, various international groups and organizations immediately start calling for a cessation of hostilities. The absence of those voices is noticeable when it is simply Saudi Arabia violating ceasefires and carrying out airstrikes.

"Ansar Allah Are Unrelenting in Their Push for Ma’rib." By South Front, 10/19/21.

October 17, 2021

Sam Jacobs on righteous tyranny.

The need to justify force with righteousness is not limited to wartime. Every new coercive law or regulation is justified not on the basis of “I’m strong enough to take your stuff and so I think I will,” but because “our cause is just.” While some who would take your freedom or your life are motivated by their desire for power, the most vicious monsters in human history were all motivated by righteousness. They seek to perfect creation, no matter what the cost, rather than simply acquire power for its own end - a philosophically important distinction.

It is this philosophy of using state power to impose one's morality on others that in part has made American politics such a bloodsport nowadays. If you follow the thread from the Abolitionist movement (which provided moral justification for the Union's invasion of the Confederacy) through the Temperance movement (which culminated in Prohibition) to the Progressivism movement as we detail below, you'll see why.[1]

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., said, "I like to pay taxes. With them, I buy civilization." He didn't foresee the passage of the 16th Amendment and the Supreme Court's transformation of the United States into the grotesque centralized state abomination it is now. Just this last week we had White House Occupant Joe Biden enjoining us all to pay our "fair share" of taxes, "fair" evidently meaning whatever lunatic dog's breakfast of dumb-ass government projects have been dreamed up by graduates of Swarthmore, Sarah Lawrence, and Bryn Mawr.

Having paid off my mortage a couple of years ago, the stark levy of property taxes becomes clearer and I personally get a real thrill understanding that I now have the pleasure of renting my house from Fairfax County, Virginia, for $300 a month so it can transfer that money into whatever programs of Muslim uplift and educational crimes against nature might have floated up the Potomac River during the last spring thaw. I can think of better uses for that money for sure, but I do not have that option thanks to the victory of the progressive fanatics around about a century ago.

Sam Jacobs has written an amazing article on the innate problems of grandiose reformist social dreams that have as much relation to reality as my dream last night that I was a world-famous blogger. Both he and Whitney Webb are amazing writers, both being capable of turning out the equivalent of a PhD theses on disparate topics every two weeks. I commend his most recent article to you as well as Ammo.com's Resistance Library.

[1] "Righteousness + Force in America: The Trap of Righteous Activism Coupled with State Power." By Sam Jacobs, Ammo.com, 10/13/21 (?).

Pearls of expression.

As Biden doubles down on the bad (yet deliberately distracting) hand of what was hoped to be an optically humanitarian policy of vaccine mandates, the masses are getting restless as well as fired…


Criminalize the non-consenting as anti-vaccine, anti-science or anti-American “flat-earthers” while denying open discussion on such otherwise relevant topics as basic math, constitutional law, calm science or individual rights…

Meanwhile, those who won’t tow [sic] Biden’s increasingly incoherent mandate (or Don Lemmon’s always coherent ignorance) are losing jobs and/or [being] forced to prioritize (in a Jeffersonian way) individual liberty over financial security.[1]

Choice stuff. You can cut the censorship with a knife these days. These days of Orwellian propaganda and MSM utter [garbage].

As an aside, to not a few people the proper spelling of "lose" has become one of the great mysteries of our time. It's a relatively recent phenomenon it seems to me but maybe it's just because skulking around the internet, as I do, exposes me to a great deal of writing that has not seen the eyeballs of any editor. Error correction is also the source of much whoa, it's true, but I'm not sure that explains the prevalence of this particular mistake.

Coming up on the outside is the difficult task of spelling "toe" as in "toe the line." Anyone who's ever seen a formation of troops must surely be able to guess that the phrase connotes obedience to authority, conformance to a standard and not towing anything. But no.[2]

There're the perennial stinkers of lie/lay, there/their/they're, criterion/criteria, phenomenon/phenomena, infer/imply, and the dreaded "there's" plus plural noun of your choice, the incorrect use of which words alerts me to the possibility that the conclusion that the writer or speaker has reached has been arrived at by a process involving but casual observation, little research, limited reflection, and intermittent attention to the rules of logic.

Get the small stuff wrong and I should trust your larger point? is my basic thought here.

[1] "Distraction As Policy While Our Economic Rome Burns." By Matthew Piepenberg, ZeroHedge, 10/16/21.
[1] If I'm going to confer the honor of a "Pearls of Expression" designation on our excellent author here I'm just going to decree that I know he knows better.

October 13, 2021

We own you.

At the same time, Treasury Secretary Yellen insists the IRS needs to step up, inspecting all transactions over $600: wouldn’t a central-bank digital currency make it easier, he asked, recognizing a Trojan horse when he sees one? Yellen also admitted in an interview that the $600 mark is not where tax evasion is happening. That’s in the Pandora Papers which, just as I expected, are fading from public view as rapidly as all the other piles of steaming elite malfeasance elephant-dung in the room.[1]
$600 might cover my weekly alcohol payment but, maybe it's just me, it seems like the transaction is a private thing. The Fourth Amendment provides that
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
And last I heard that hadn't been repealed. Pinky swear.

To me, my bank transactions seem as much a part of my "papers and effects" as anything in my file cabinet or under the mattress but the lawyers who work for the IRS and the Congress seem to think that legislation trumps the clear provisions of the Constitution. I'm fine with the "no expectation of privacy" approach to interpretation of the Fourth Amendment but I bristle at the thought that a letter I seal in an envelope and deposit in the mail requires the government to show probable cause before it can get a search warrant to open that envelope yet an email I send has no such protection because I have no expectation of privacy because it's in plain text and can be read by technicians at every node of the internet on its way to delivery if they have a mind to do so.

Really? A Supreme Court that had any kind of hot anger about infringements on our liberties would find that the internet is the envelope and that the mere possibility of a technician along the way deciding to randomly dip into the hourly flow of billions of emails and out of boredom or idle curiosity pick out one email to read is not enough to entitle the government to argue that I had no expectation of privacy in the message after I hit "send." The technician and any other person with access to the guts of internet could easily be deemed to have the same right to read, extract, deliver or report what is in my message as my mailman, USPS truck driver, or clerk have, to wit, none.

Similarly, the fact that my bank records are in digital form in the custody of the bank in no way transforms them into hard copy records that I nailed to every tree down mainstreet for public inspection. Clearly this $600 threshold proposed infringes on a highly private matter and the clear language of the Fourth Amendment didn't get deep sixed just because the world went digital in a big way.

Well, the Supreme Court has groveled at the feet of big government ere since as witness its slobbering approval of a grotesque transformation of the federal government into a monstrous, untouchable juggernaut. So no help from that quarter most likely. Instead, we'll get a clump of digital age haruspicy from the chin strokers. A giant load of more-in-sorrow-than-in-anger BOHICA flapdoodle that comes with a rechargeable 200V battery. Obey, suckers!

At Gettysburg, Lincoln said we the living highly resolve that the nation "shall have a new birth of freedom." It seems like what we got was a Long March to tyranny and servility where piss ants infest the Congress, the Court, the executive branch, and most state governments and delight in the fleecing and oppression of the people.

[1] "Rabobank: Today What Is Passing Is The Glorious Lie That Inflation Was Transitory." By Michael Every, ZeroHedge, 10/13/21 (emphasis removed).

October 12, 2021

America's stock in trade -- propaganda and repression.

Edward Bernays and his clique contributed heavily to this trend [the neutering of democratic forces] from 1915 onwards: they used public relations and propaganda techniques to give the impression that the USA was free, democratic, open, etc. when it was none of those things. And today the unholy alliance between state and corporations – the definition of fascism, according to Mussolini – has clamped down hard on every trace of individual freedom.[1]
Do you object to open borders, complete anarchy in the streets, attacks on dissident voices, scraggle beards and femadactyls deciding how you should live your life and what you can read or say, or judicial betrayal? Tough. Go pound sand, muchacho.

[1] Comment by Tom Welsh on "Things Go Awry." By Israel Shamir, The Unz Review, October 12, 2021.

October 10, 2021

The final stages of the universal franchise.

The fools in Washington strut around threatening China and Russia while Americans see Washington as the enemy. Who is going to fight for Washington? No one.

Not even the Chairman of the US joint Chiefs of Staff will fight for Washington. The traitor promised his Chinese counterpart advance warning of a US attack on China . . . .[1]

The worship of the universal franchise has made elected officials beholden to the dregs most ignorant people with the foresight of a giraffe. In defense of giraffes let us note that they at least have mastered the skill of grazing upon trees with formidable thorns but without injury to their tongues or lips.

No such skill exists in majority of the electorate of "our democracy" who can't even recognize Supreme Court evisceration of the Constitution, foreign invasion, theft of their jobs, the astonishing betrayal of the off-shoring of our industries, the putrid propaganda that passes as "news" dispensed by our monopoly media, and the obvious campaign to replace the majority population with third-world people who hate us and wish to abuse our charity and institutions. (I'm not sure about that "our" charity deal.) The electorate cannot even see the thorns let alone avoid them or summon the will to eradicate them.

The result is elected officials who are morons and grifters who need never fear the anger of their constituents so long as they dispense sufficient cash provided by productive citizens, cater to popular ignorance, and hose the nation down with vile propaganda and filth. In what sane world would a freak like Nancy Pelosi rise to a position of legislative leadership? In what sane world would Maxine Waters have a say on anything more complicated thant operation of a toaster? In what sane world would George Soros, Bill Gates, Nelson Rockefeller, Bush '43, Obongo, or Bill de Blasio do anything more than write letters to the editor?

"Our democratic values" ensure that men and women who are our natural aristocrats and leaders are excluded from political power, if not smeared and neutralized. The result is that the currency can be debased, small businesses destroyed, free speech destroyed, elections stolen, statues of felons raised up, sluts worshipped, privacy destroyed, and decency and common sense abandoned. The United States became hated around the world for its inexplicable drive for empire, its aggressive wars, its arrogant fascination with "regime change," and contemptible, inexplicable demonization of Russia -- all enabled by the patent upending of the clear constitutional scheme for state supremacy and federal emasculation. And by betrayal of all oaths to protect and defend the Constitution.

And while this happened the so-called homeland -- home to whom? -- collapses into the continental equivalent of a California homeless encampment.

We really are on a trajectory of destruction and the clowns and devils couldn't care less. The ameliorative, somewhat rational trajectory of the West bent dramatically downward when the franchise was extended to the parasitic, rejectionist, ignorant bottom. So now we have a burgeoning, fatal loss of legitimacy in "the exceptional nation." And nothing -- NOTHING -- can or will reverse that short of catastrophe.

[1] "The Collapse of the American State Is Underway." By Paul Craig Roberts, The Unz Review, 10/8/21.

October 4, 2021

The true goal of the Great Reset.

They [socialists/the Davos slime] embarked on this Great Reset solely for the purpose of defaulting on their socialist promises made by buying off present generations with the labor of future generations. We call this in modern parlance debt.

Now that the debt is unpayable and the future liabilities of their governments overwhelming everything they have unleashed a torrent of policies around the world to starve, freeze and kill off entire generations of taxpayers who they can’t afford to bribe anymore.

COVID-9/11, no matter how you look at it, as a political operation has shortened lifespans in the U.S. by 18 months in 2020, according to the CDC. What will those numbers look like in 2021? This is a radical contraction which lifted trillions of unfunded liabilities in Social Security and Medicare payments from future U.S. governments.

And they call libertarians heartless?[1]

I've thought the same thing. The debt, unfunded liabilities, and baked-in-the-cake inflation storm are insoluable problems. Nonsense such as "modern monetary theory" is actually pushed by people with a lot of stolen letters after their names where it's just another name for magical thinking. And, pilgrims, nothing short of actual magic is going to paper over the advanced gangrenous horror that "our" economic, monetary, fiscal, and debt "policies" have created.

Given that taxpayers cannot pay off the huge sums when the check might eventually be presented, the only option for the parasite class is do the Thelma and Louise thing with all of us in the back seat but them with the parachutes.

The Great Reset is just another way of saying civilizational apocalypse. The behavior of the Australian cops is like a klew -- a rather obvious hint of what's yet to come. Schwab may bill the "Reset" as globalist nirvana but it's vicious destruction to the core and nothing on the other side of that "reset" won't look like a Steven King landscape and eventually the fanciest yachts, most luscious Argentinian land, choicest Alpine communities, and most impregnable, well-stocked, remote, hidden, solar-powered redoubts in Oregon will eventually mean nothing when there is no longer the marginally-functioning world-wide production and distribution miracle that there is now. Then it's local bandido time. But the lizards don't know that. It's a de facto runaway train and there ain't no Denzel.

At this grotesque moment in Western, if not human history, it's too dangerous for the lizards to take responsibility for the fact that

  1. government economic management is utterly hopeless,
  2. modern industrial society and the fraud of "representative" government, as it presently exists, have no present safeguards against corruption and manipulation, and
  3. deception, propaganda, and censorship are the chewing gum that is holding the wings onto this inherently magnificent jumbojet.
That would expose the fraud of all the statists, communists, socialists, progressives, bleeding hearts, and Wall Street and banking whores who have afflicted us for the last century at least.

Strong message to follow.

[1] "Luongo: Energy Subsidies, Bitcoin, & The Socialist Takeover That Isn't." By Tom Luongo, ZeroHedge, 10/4/21 (emphasis removed).

October 3, 2021

The timeless lesson of statism and can anything be done?

This is a precise statement of the endless modern battle between free people and statist pricks:
The EU, and political class of the western world, has driven up energy costs, and the cost of everything with more government taxation and spending. Those factories won't be temporarily closing to save on energy costs, they'll be closing because the high taxes and regulations there make their businesses uncompetitive compared to China where they use cheap coal, and have lots of cheap or slave labor.

The EU could be much more prosperous, with free markets instead of the socialist/mercantilist/authoritarian governments masquerading as democracies. Their markets are so screwed up, Biden had a say in whether a pipeline could be built from Russia to Germany. Free markets always outperform government controlled markets, but free markets are a barrier to politicians' power and wealth. When the government picks winners/losers in commerce, we're always the losers.[1]

Sociopathic politicians want power and when they get it they think they've acquire the ability to manipulate and direct something as complex as an economy.

Murray Rothbard described the inputs necessary for a wife to make a ham sandwich for her husband (an example of the correct relationship in the universe between men and women). Milton Friedman did the same thing by showing all the things and people who are necessary to produce a simple pencil. Yet morons masquerading as omniscient beings presume to create command economies where various Sergeis, Helmuts, Pierres, Conchitas, Lashondras, and Astrids -- selected for political reliability -- maintain spreadsheets wherewith they calculate the number of can openers, ultrasound devices, saddles, thongs, oranges, electric backhoes, and axe handles to be produced and at what prices and with what delivery charges.

In the Soviet Union this was really tried but increasingly in the West this is being tried surreptitiously, not by trying to control the production of oranges or selenium directly but by placing a heavy thumb on the scale to favor the SJW/oligarch agenda items such as fossil fuel demonization, cruise missile production, a huge military establishment equal to our self delusions, underclass babies, tiny homes, injectable poisons, and preparations for building it back "better," a/k/a the Great Reset, the details of which are close hold for the moment.

The result in the United States now that you have a small group of people in the Eccles Building deciding what the price of money is to be in an multi-trillion dollar economy. The interference of the Congress and the Fed is massive and the horrendous bubble economy we have now is the result because of the manipulation or ignoring of the fundamentals. The wisest people in the country have similarly managed to work it out so that people who actually engage in productive activities have lost a huge share of the GDP that their wages once represented while debt skyrockets, billionaires prosper, and pension funds vainly struggle to slay the actuarial and return dragons.

But so much for the familiar free markets (combined with light state regulation) are self-organizing and plainly wonderful truism.

I particularly like the text I highlighted in Mr. Kemp's comment as it highlights the triumph of the ongoing propaganda effort to conceal the horrible deformation of the Western world that has taken place. The language of public debate has been debased and the notion of Western freedoms long since left in the dust of the progressive juggernaut. It's crucial in our times to call out the liars and call a spade a bloody shovel, as my dear mother liked to say. She liked people who did that and we're soon reaching a point when the [nonsense] will reach a critical mass. Then there will be a realignment.

I like to write of the applicability of the Chinese concept of the loss of the Mandate of Heaven. Without leadership and despite illiteracy and barbarous repression available to the emperor, the entire nation spontaneously decides for a multitude of individual reasons that you can stick a fork in it, "it" being the reigning dynasty. Western country cousins here = house of cards, too clever by half, build your house on sand, bad karma, wrath of God, and smarty pants. No need to complexify things.

There's another aspect of oriental history that I think is applicable to our times, namely the Tokugawa Shogunate where the shogun ruled Japan from 1603-1868 and the emperor was only a figurehead encourage to write poetry and being a scholar. Substance ruled form until the emperor began to acquire such increasing political influence that there was a restoration of the Meiji emperor as ruler in fact.

It strikes me we are living through a similar time where the lies of the Western nations, their pretence of rationalism, benevolence, and elite competence, are wearing thin. The abomination of open borders, multiculturalism, and diversity are perhaps the last straw, the giant middle finger salute to the people who never for one moment consented to the worship of foreign invaders and their own political and racial replacement.

Furthermore, the heady days of year one of the Social Security system -- itself utterly unconstitutional like any and all subsequent federal "health" programs and agencies -- are long gone, as are the times that older people in certain industries or sectors could expect to receive the pensions they were promised and on which they intended to live in their retirement. The iron laws of arithmetic increasingly apply with a vengeance.

The foreign policy of the United States has caused a blood bath and untold destruction wherever our leaders have chosen to involve us, all in supposed vindication of and defense of "our democratic values" while those values went by the board. Foreigners diluted the franchise and the concept of citizenship and vote fraud reached such proportions that it was possible for the ultra left party to steal elections right before God and man and pay no penalty.

Add in gross economic mismanagement (off-shoring, massive debt, currency debasement), ruinous regulation and taxation, lunatic notions of world government and globalism, complete debasement of the constitutional scheme, a putrid, ridiculous culture, complete anarchy in the streets and lecture halls, massive monopoly, a corrupt press, and propaganda to put the master Joseph Goebbels to shame and you get to the point where Dr. Phil liked to ask, "And how's that working out for you?"

There aren't too many Dr. Phils out there just now and I think "the Constitution" is not likely to be a realistic standard to rally around. At least the Japanese had a cultural icon and figurehead to turn to ("that other guy") rather then the Chinese "dynasty or complete collapse" alternative. Still, our present predicament of utter, complete, total, unalloyed, 100% vitamin-enriched stupidity and mindless rejection of all that's workable, time-tested, decent, or holy is so putrid that perhaps a simple demand that the political class just cut the crap will suffice. Pardon my language but you must admit it has more punch than "stop trying to immanentize the eschaton."

Alas, not one bar association in the country, and certainly not the Supreme Court, lifts a finger to restore the clear federal-state scheme of the original Constitution. Even a polite cough about Obongo and Harris not being natural born citizens was too risky for these tireless proponents of the rule of law, diversity, inclusion, and pro bono service. And, even if there are any Joan of Arc type of transformative leaders among us (possible candidates = Marjorie Taylor Greene, Bronx Tina, Laura Loomer, Jordan Peterson, LTC Stuart Scheller, Alex Jones, LTC Allen West, Gov. Ron DeSantis) they're certain to fall victim to the ad hominem killing machine that reduces all patriots to the level of sexual predator, rightist maniac, serial killer, or capitalist tool. Or the thug scum action arm of the Democrat Party can be summoned to supply other means of persuasion. Still the Ceaușescus ended up against the wall, literally, despite their control of frightful powers of repression. Not part of my agenda, that sort of thing, but illustrative of the twists and turns of human history that surprise everyone.

I suspect that, ultimately, chaos will be our friend and enable the reestablishment of virile, no nonsense leadership capable of pursuing common sense (as much as human governments can) not to mention antiquated concepts of sedition and subversion with vigor, unlike what passes for leadership now with its fawning obeisance to depravity, feminist lunacy, racial rejectionism, foreign invasion, and sexual "identity" lunacy, inter alia, and its worship of The Lie in the service of the victory of sacred state power above all.

This period of feeble, arrogant, meritless, lawless rule by cretins is an aberration on human history. For a while there it was good but now it is time for a certain, um, illiberalism. Endless treatises, cries, and entreaties have had zero effect. The outcome will be impossible to predict, not least because all landmarks and traditional controls and cautions have been tossed out the window. It's leftist lunacy ad astra for now and then, after a little wrath of God action, maybe we can come up with something that doesn't involve the words "progress," "identify," or "structural." It won't be Western Civ 101 I'm pretty sure but who knows? Living under rational governments and not being beholden to complete toads have an enduring appeal if you know anything about human history. "Smile when you call me a white supremacist, padnuh" could be like a sort of new motto.

[1] Comment by MoreFreedom on "Kemp: Europe's Rising Energy Prices Will Force Factory Closures." By John Kemp, ZeroHedge, 10/3/21 (emphasis added).

Edited 10/4/21.

October 2, 2021

Natives be restless.

Sam Jacobs on increases in ammo sales:
The pandemic lead to a sharp increase in demand for ammunition. This increase has continued for the past 18 months. It's been further exacerbated by a particularly charged election year, BLM protests amid calls to "defund the police", a contentious transfer of power, and most recently a surprise ban on popular Russian ammo. If you'd like to read our analysis as to what drove the initial increase in demand for ammunition, you can find that here.
"Data Study: 18 Months of Ammo Sales during a Pandemic, Protests, and the Biden Presidency." By Sam Jacobs, Ammo.com, 9/__/21.