November 17, 2019

MP Stéphane Ravier on the Great Replacement in France.

Here is a rare but courageous voice speaking out about the insufferable immigration disaster that has taken place in France. Substitute the name of any Western country for "France" and the picture is the same, Hungary and some others being rare bastions of hostility to the Soros-globalist-Spectre-ultra-leftist anti-white agenda.

Click here to see the video.

The interruption of the presiding official just after the 5:00 mark was not, as I first thought, because of unhappiness over the content of Mr. Ravier's speech but because he had gone over his allotted time.

The video can be found on Vlad Tepes's blog here:

"Amazing speech in the French parliament where the words are spoken aloud: 'The Great Replacement'."

With choice comments as always.

H/t: Remus at Yer Ol' Woodpile Report .

Not my America.

US involvement in Syria has nothing to do with regional peace, stability and security, nothing to do with combatting ISIS.

It’s all about killing a nation, destroying its sovereignty, partitioning it for easier control, removing its legitimate leadership, installing puppet rule, plundering it, exploiting its people, eliminating an Israeli rival, isolating Iran, and enriching the US military, industrial, security complex from endless aggression.

"The Real US Mission in Syria." By Stephen Lendman, 11/2/19.

November 16, 2019

The fate of modern Western man.

To be ruled by scum.
“I’m a pro-immigration politician,” [Boris Johnson] the Tory leader declared on the BBC on Friday morning, shaking two clenched fists and adding: “I think immigration can be a wonderful thing.”
"Boris Declares He Is ‘Pro-Immigration’, Will Not Commit to Capping It." By Jack Montgomery, Breitbart, 11/15/19.

November 15, 2019

Pearls of expression.

So let’s do the math, according to the FBI report cited[,] 315 million Americans, 365 days in 2017, that’s 114,975,000,000 people-days during which 7,175 alleged “hate crimes” were reported (as opposed to say, convictions obtained for actual violations of the law). Some epidemic of hate there, brother. Quick, let’s throw out the First Amendment – just to be on the safe side.
Comment by Observator on "The Jewish Progressive Agenda According to Bernie Sanders." By Gilad Atzmon, The Unz Review, 11/11/19.

November 12, 2019

Life under enemy occupation.

The left hasn't achieved total victory on immigration but it's unopposed. Trumpus Maximus rode into town promising to "do something" about illegal immigration but his efforts have been feeble and even those received tepid support from that hive of patriotic activity, the Republican Party. Hardly even the whisper of a rear-guard action anywhere inside the Uniparty. Even the Trumpster wants to ramp up legal immigration.

Why do I bother inserting "even" in that last sentence?

Every last Congressman, with a tiny fraction of honorable exceptions, sits smugly behind the garbage about "comprehensive immigration law reform" which is shorthand for "lesbians running the Border Patrol before Thanksgiving."

Passing laws that

  • allow citizen enforcement of border security,
  • mandate compulsory e-Verify with severe penalties for noncompliance,
  • allow military participation in cordon operations and deportation (assuming that's necessary when dealing with invasion), and
  • that require ANY so-called "refugee" or wannabe immigrant to be summarily placed on the Mexican side of the border (or in a plane headed generally in the direction of their country of origin) to wait for any immigration decision
won't happen in anyone's lifetime. A buck sergeant in a motor pool in Ft. Hood could come up with a better list because it would probably include the phrase "deadly force."

And this malicious inaction is because the USA is occupied territory. Fedgov and some of our state governments wage foreign wars like drunk teenagers with guns, trash the economy, trash our money, worship minority pathology, weaponize the legal system against common sense and decency, and make personal security a faint memory from a distant past. Hello knockout "game," home invasion, and crap schools.

This month, next month, the month after that, and every other month you care to think about will involve foreigners streaming over our borders, being photographed with some federal camera, and being expeditiously released into the interior with the certain knowledge that taxpayer money and American jobs await. America, the trash pile nation.

The lunatic left doubles down on national suicide, the obliteration of anything and everything distinctive about white America. The most beautiful America in their imagination is one where Antifa, MS-13, and the cartels rule the streets and terrorize local communities; third-world decay and leftist idiocy rot infrastructure, courts, police, and treasuries; and foreign invasion is a sacrament.

Mr. Buchanan only addresses part of this but I know he knows the full extent of the problem:

The Nation magazine calls Sanders’ plan “one of the boldest immigration plans any major politician has put forward in years, and comes amid a campaign season that has seen a major shift to the left among Democratic candidates on immigration.
With calls for a total moratorium on deportations, abolishing ICE and providing a path to citizenship for undocumented migration, the plan serves as a road map for what a fair and just immigration can be.”[1]
The very idea of civilization is foreign to the Democrats, organized Jewry, the Catholic Church, the Mormon Church, the Lutherans, the Southern Baptists, anyone else who takes refugee resettlement money, the MSM, and the professoriate. The only words that matter to these people are "foreigner," "in," "automatic," "fast-track," "welfare," and anti-white "diverse."

What does "fair" immigration mean to The Nation? Beyond a shadow of a doubt "fair" does not mean consideration of the wishes or interests of the founding people of this country. The left wants nothing less than a looting of the country and the immiseration of its productive citizens. The destruction of America is certain and it is intentional.

Write to the occupiers if you're unhappy about this.

[1] "Pat Buchanan Warns, Bernie Is Leading His Party To Open Borders." By Patrick Buchanan, ZeroHedge, 11/12/19.

November 10, 2019

Complete, total governmental failure.

The US is at the 11th hour, one hour till midnight, as the wealth inequality imbalance will correct itself by the eruption of protests on the streets of major metro areas, sort of like what's been happening across the world in Chile, Hong Kong, Lebanon, and Barcelona.

An uprising, a revolution [will occur and] people are waking up to the fact that unelected officials and governments have ruined the economy and [caused] their financial misery of low wages and insurmountable debts.[1]

The concept of stewardship is utterly foreign to the political, financial, and economic elites. Rome burns and these imbeciles fret over violations of terms of service, inclusivity, nationalism, globalism, reparations, white "privilege," white "oppression," white "supremacy," "climate" change, pronouns, vaporous "threats" to U.S. "national security" from Iran and Syria, Russian "aggression," and the tender feelings of homosexuals, pussyhat-wearing, nutjob feminists, and the sexually-confused, which is putting it mildly.

Elizabeth Warren proposes stupefying new heights of reckless government spending and coercion. Does this former minority placeholder from Harvard Law School not understand the ludicrous spreadsheet-busting numbers of her proposals? Of course not. She knows damn well her proposals would crash the system and be yet another bullet aimed at economic sanity in the U.S. Hence the truth of the "unelected officials and governments have ruined the economy" part of the passage quoted above.

No area of public life is governed by reason and common sense. Not ONE. When the choice is between Option A – ludicrous and irrelevant on its face – and Option B – colorably sane with an air kiss in the direction of the good of the nation – it's Option A, baby. Every . . . freaking . . . time.

Anyone waiting for the people of the West to finally wake up and lift a pinky in protest has not observed Western elections over the last 18 years. That dog don't hunt, notwithstanding recent Chilean riots and the Gilets Jaune and the Tea Party. They are but modest stirrings of awakening and, where the pencil meets the ballot periodically, it's meekness, servility, and licking the boots of the treason class to the moon. As predictable as your next breath.

The more likely scenario is steady as she goes for treason class control and supine voters, followed by system crash and worldwide depression, followed by demands for Universal Bastard Income followed by despair and then chaos and the Big Chimp Out.

With luck, what comes out the other end will not involve governments that even whisper the word "equality" or ever again push the idea of the universal ballot.

[1] "53 Million Americans Drowning In Cycle Of Low-Wage Work." By Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge, 11/9/19 (emphasis removed).

November 2, 2019

Pearls of expression.

How many people reading this think that given the choice between dealing with unpleasant consequences now vs. printing up more money (via MMT, more QE, etc.) and facing the music at a later date that there’s even any contest at all?

Of course they’ll opt to print more now. Now is never a good time to face the music.[1]

[1] "The End Of Money." By Chris Martenson, ZeroHedge, 11/2/19.

November 1, 2019

Globalism and centralization: blasted nations, blasted lives.

The tip top theme in red-hot political and economic thinking now is that the social contract involves ever more benefits, more good times, and more four-week vacations in Ibiza for the voter. Benevolent bureaucrats and politicians vigilantly safeguard workers’ interests and spring into action when they are threatened. As, for example, when some wretched toad of an accountant or economist suggests that the numbers are not looking good for avoiding an eventual collapse.

If some suicidal politician dares to suggest a timorous scaling back of the cost of the party then the cry of “austerity” is heard in the land.

A corollary of this Infinite Cornucopia view of government, in the minds of elite swine thinkers, at least, is that the higher you go up the ladder of centralized political decision making, the better it is for everyone. Benevolence and simple competence below, much more on high.


Have we ever heard before the suggestion that the EU is bad for workers’ rights? No. The shared and unexamined assumption – even by the ERG[1] – is that the EU is a necessary protective force against capitalist exploitation. Whereas the truth is that it is Tony Blair-style ‘globalism’ that has devastated workers’ pay, conditions and job security just as has the EU version of non-democratic capitalism.[2]
Federal or supra-national solutions have besotted the Lovely People of the United States for as long as socialism and progressivism have been around. The idea seems to be that solutions are easy to devise if only their implementation would not be obstructed by malicious, local obstructionists who eat mashed potatoes with their fingers. But the favored solutions have not worked well and that much heralded benevolence of the Lovely People pretty much goes walkabout after the ink dries on the signatures. And the politicians are yet more unreachable by mere mortals who don’t own gambling casinos or media empires.

The net result of all this is all Western nations that have lost control over their political and economic destinies, seen their economies devastated while financial elites play mysterious games to garner fabulous wealth, had their culture destroyed, and had their streets turned into playgrounds for AnitFa and other criminal gangs by the sick worship of the human ego, the foreigner, minorities, and a type of woman who gives new meaning to the word “stupid.”

The unreachable Lovely People proved to be the destroyers of worlds.

[1]  "“What is the ERG and which Tory MPs are members of Jacob Rees-Mogg's Brexit group?" By Chloe Chaplain, iNews, Updated 9/6/19.
[2] "The EU has destroyed workers’ rights, not protected them." By Timothy Bradshaw, The Conservative Woman, 10/29/19.

October 26, 2019

The management class v. the steward class.

Ben Hunt has written an excellent article on pervasive management failure of "pretty much every public company over the past decade."
Public companies are managed today to mortgage the future OVER and OVER and OVER again, for the primary benefit of management shareholders and the secondary benefit of non-management shareholders.[1]
Taking care to grow through innovation and investment in productive assets has not been the watchword of American corporate management. Hunt focuses on one company, Texas Instruments, to show in excruciating detail what short-sighted manipulation and greed have done to the company and says it’s pervasive. Short-term profit and bugger future prospects.[2]

Hunt's definition of "financialization" is worth the price of admission alone. Shades of moving tens of thousands of factories to China as though there were no tomorrow and the only thing that should matter to a corporation is third-world wage rates.

This is truly a must-read piece. Even I, a stock market and business neophyte, wondered at the pervasive practice of share buybacks to goose management compensation based on share price. Surely, I thought, far-sighted managers would take advantage of basement-level loan costs to throw money straight at the core business of the company whether in the form of research or productive assets. But Hunt observes:

The Adam Neumann [WeWorks] story is repeated in a non-infuriating and non-obvious way every day in every S&P 500 company. And it’s been going on for a DECADE.[3]
To understand the reference to Neuman read about his life of grime here.

It's the same with another stellar American company, Boeing, much in the news lately for its troubles with the 737 Max:

Conventional logic says companies buy back stock when they perceive it as the most efficient thing to do with their profits. It’s also an alarm bell warning of unimaginative/poor management. Perhaps the right thing for Boeing to have done in the mid-2010s would have been to invest $10 bln to develop a new modern smaller regional single airliner? Instead Boeing’s bosses went with the bull stock market, stuck some bigger engines on the venerable and increasingly unbalanced B-737 and gave it the snappy Max moniker, while awarding themselves bigger bonuses.

The cost of the Max debacle will far exceed $10 bln and could crush the company. Their failure to invest in the future during times of easy money is the ultimate management failure – failing to ensure the company’s long-term future with new products. Instead they chased a higher stock price and higher bonuses juiced by the buybacks.[4]

To really add to your understanding of the financial realities of our times I can't recommend the movie "The Big Short" enough. It's highly, highly entertaining given what you'd think is a dry-as-dust topic like the functioning of Wall Street.

Bottom line, the American economy is like every single other aspect of Western civilization now: Zero understanding of basics, zero foresight, complete and utter leadership abdication, if not rancid betrayal.

[1] "The Last 10 Years Have Been 'An Unparalled Transfer Of Wealth To The Managerial Class.'" By Ben Hunt, ZeroHedge, 10/25/19.
[2] I don't care much for the notion of "greed" used in connection with "capitalists" or "corporations" as it invariably encompasses profitable activity to contribute something of value by fair means. I'd like nothing better to have a wildly successful company whose profits would enable me to support people I admire and causes I think are worthwhile. However, enriching oneself with no regard for the health of the enterprise or society at large is greed to be sure. Personal benefit with no value added, or even value subtracted.
[3] Hunt, supra.
[4] "Instead Of Buying-Back Billions In Stock, This Is What Boeing Should Have Done." By Bill Blain, ZeroHedge, 10/26/19 (emphasis removed).