February 24, 2023

The stark truth about American elections.

Unless a candidate is a billionaire, it is impossible for him to run unless he has large contributors intent on having their interests served.

This means that the interests of large campaign contributors come first. They are the ones who originate bills and control the outcomes with lobbying. We also know that every regulatory agency is captured by the group that is being regulated. For example, the Covid protocols and “vaccine” mandates proved that the NIH, CDC, and FDA are marketing agents for Big Pharma, not protecters of the public’s health. Why do you think that America alone is always at war? It is because of profits for the armaments corporations. Washington has institutionalized three formidable enemies–Russia, China, and Iran -- and that guarantees the budget and power of the military/security complex.

Americans cannot govern themselves because an oligarchy governs through campaign contributions. A crazed, indeed one could say treasonous, US Supreme Court destroyed all accountability of government to the people in 2010 with its Citizens United ruling that legalized the private purchase of government by removing limits on campaign contributions in the name of free speech, a ruling that turned corporations into people.

"In America Democracy Is a Veil Behind Which the Oligarchy Rules." By Paul Craig Roberts, 2/20/23.

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