September 2, 2015

The ugly face of multiculturalism.

It doesn't get any clearer than this.

Do you labor under the assumption that foreigners love you and appreciate what you and your ancestors have built? Think again, you pathetic, deluded, naive fool:

Now that mothertrucker is just begging for an ass whooping.

The same insanity is revealed here. Different channel, same crystal-clear message. These foreigners despise their new places of residence, which they would rather die than call their homeland:

This is the ugly face of multiculturalism.

It's not about different people giving their allegiance to a new homeland; finding ways to understand, befriend, and cooperate with their new fellow citizens; and contributing their particular talents. It's about coming to another country with a trunkful of poisonous "grievances" (the Crusades among them, SHMG) as the Britain-born, still-Eritrean Muslim "Awate" demonstrates with his attitude toward native Britons. They're just people with "regional links to the area."

These people will never assimilate into someone else's culture, and they will assimilate in a white culture like hell they will. No. Their intention is to dispossess whites in their own country and make damn sure they never, ever – even when they (the lady) have the poshest of British accents – deign to become a part of Britain.

Note as an aside that the Indian woman in this second video, Sanya-Jeet Thandi, who inherited the attitudes of her "economic migrant" grandparents and parents in her own words, was the chairwoman of the UKIP youth party. God bless Nigel Farage and his colleagues but I wonder what it is that possessed them to include this woman in their party that has "United Kingdom" in its name. If that's Britain's nationalist option, God save 'em. Calling Paul Weston.

This gentleman gets it in a big way. The sellout, betrayal and destruction part of lunatic, uncontrolled, officially-welcomed mass immigration:

[Link now dead. 7/8/19.]

As has been observed accurately observed “Diversity means chasing down the last white person.” What the people in the first two videos represent is just the early stages of that process.

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