November 16, 2015

Dartmouth College #BlackLivesMatter Protest

The eternal outrage of our resident Africans over nothing or, more precisely, over Soros-sponsored leftist crap.

Smug, aggressive, disruptive, hostile, anti-white, and, last but not least, stupid. Those "Americans" that Rush and the media love to talk about.

These people are not like whites and never will be. To borrow from Fred Reed, they have ruined our cities, our neighborhoods, and now our universities. Their beloved leader has done his best to destroy the nation. He hasn't quite succeeded in that that but he has succeeded in making it the laughing stock of the world, only just recently overtaken for that honor by Angela Merkel.

H/t: "#BlackLivesMatter Protesters Disrupt Students in Library: ‘F*ck You, You Filthy White F*cks!’" by Alex Griswold, MEDIAite, 11/16/15.

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