July 3, 2016

The Oratrix.

Hillary Clinton can give one heck of a speech.[1]

Just from listening to her on the stump, I can see why the Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago paid her $400,000 for just one speech. Also, eBay paid her top dollar ($315,000) for one speech, as did three Goldman Sachs Groups ($225,000 apiece). Possibly, GE ($225,000) wished to hear her thoughts on our ongoing experiment in self government and the debt we owe to our European ancestors. Many other organizations wanted to hear her speak, too.[2]

It's gratifying to see disinterested, patriotic organizations standing together to support good government.

Must we
do this again?
Alinsky's protege certainly has done well for herself! Every word from this amazing Wellesley graduate, this renowned thinker, is worth its weight in gold. Now, if she's elected, the Secret Service won't have to count the forks after she completes her eight years in office. She'll have her own silverware by that time for sure.

If only we could see a transcript of just one of those great speeches. How wonderful it would be. There must be quotes from Aristotle, Cyrus the Great, Bacon, Newton, Trotsky, Alinsky, Eleanor, Mumia, Jesus, Mohammed, Twain, and MLK. There must be jokes. There must be insights into economics and the human spirit. And into the secrets of self control and marital harmony.

But, unfortunately, it seems every golden word of hers is top secret. So common folks just won't be hearing what makes Hillary's speeches so utterly amazing that people will actually pay her $21,667,000 to hear them.

And let's not even talk about Bill, who's been paid $26,530,000 so far for his speeches.

[1] "Hillary Clinton’s $21,667,000 “Speaking Fees” Fortune, Broken Down Speech by Speech." By Alex Christoforou, The Duran, 5/23/16.
[2] No one in the fossil fuel business seems to have had much interest in hearing her speak. Perhaps they already know what she would say.

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