April 27, 2020

A full-court press of propaganda.

There is no dearth of propaganda out there. Evil China, expansionist Russia, Assad the brutal dictator, the evil white man, the virtuous black man, the oppressed black jailbird, the strongpowerfulvictorious woman, the magic of diversity, the fluidity of the Constitution, America the unitary federal state, the evil of nationalism, the viciousness of "the radical right," our loyal ally Israel, and up is down.

This video does a superb job in extracting the elite message for us all in this corona virus "emergency."

Makes ya think, as the saying goes. Especially the prominence of Bill Gates in this and his sick message that there's a vaccine that will save us "from this disease." Which is particularly creepy when it's well known that vaccines for corona viruses are not forever. Who doesn't know that a flu shot is urged on us every year for a new strain of the virus against which last year's vaccine is useless?

See if you agree that this IS a full-court press of the propaganda first team:


paul scott said...

It's working, I'm depressed.

Col. B. Bunny said...

My job is done. :-)