December 4, 2021

Stuffing us like a goose.

The Weather Channel is just on fire on the matter of climate change. Many entries now in the contest for "Most media hysteria generated in one week." I was going to give this Weather Channel climate change hysteria deal a rest after my last post but now I think I may have to make it a regular feature:

12/3/21 -- "Why Climate Change Causes Seas to Rise."

12/3/21 -- "How Climate Change Affects the Air We Breathe."

12/3/21 -- "What Is Climate Change?"

12/3/21 -- "How Climate Change Is Making Heat Waves Worse."

12/3/21 -- "Is Climate Change Making Hurricanes Worse?"

12/3/21 -- "Why Rising Temperatures Can Mean a Rise in Floodwaters."

12/3/21 -- "How Climate Change Is Making Wildfires Worse."

12/3/21 -- "What You Can Do to Help Slow Global Warming."

12/3/21 -- "How We Know Humans Are Cause of Global Warming."

12/2/21 -- "Smithsonian's Treasures Could Be Lost." Washington Mall built on former marshland and in an area that's seen more than 14" rise in the sea level in the last 100 years. Flooding becoming a problem. As sea levels continue to rise "scientists say" parts of the Mall could be completely under water. Venice on the Potomac.

12/2/21 -- "Climate Change Is Killing Seabird Populations, Studies Find." Global warming taking a terrible toll on sea birds.

12/1/21 -- "Back-to-Back Landfalls To Become More Frequent, Faster." "New study found time between [hurricane] landfalls decreasing as world warms."

12/1/21 -- "In Arctic, Rain Could Soon Be More Common than Snow." "And that’s bad news. Here’s why." Hint: unvaccinated pricks. No, wait! Burning rocks!

12/1/21 -- "Winter Is Fastest Warming Season in Much of US." All seasons feeling the effect of climate change but winters are warming the most.

11/26/21 -- "Antarctic at Tipping Point & That's Dangerous." Ice sheet "may" be at a tipping point. Bad news for coastal areas across the globe. Because of warming.

This all is instructive for reasons other than how the climate change hysteria is promoted. It illustrates how a propaganda theme beloved of the political elite is pushed relentlessly in the media. Climate change is just one such issue.

Here are other familiar themes and truths pushed energetically:

  1. structural racism;
  2. white privilege;
  3. legacy of slavery;
  4. discrimination;
  5. [insert name of problem] is the fault of "capitalism;"
  6. socialism will cure all the ills of "capitalism";
  7. women's health is about health;
  8. all women are strong (unless they're helpless victims);
  9. wearing vagina hats is what adult women do;
  10. single motherhood is just what we should subsidize;
  11. blacks disproportionately patronize our prisons because of white racism;
  12. this is not a white nation;
  13. notions of a stolen election are baseless;
  14. if you can call something an "insurrection" or "terrorism" the Constitution goes on an extended vacation;
  15. Epstein committed suicide;
  16. so did Vince Foster;
  17. Seth Rich's death was a robbery that went wrong;
  18. Ashli Babbitt wasn't murdered in cold blood;
  19. Antonin Scalia died of natural causes;
  20. Trayvon Floyd was a saint who walked the earth;
  21. Kyle Rittenhouse was a vigilante;
  22. the pandemic is deadly;
  23. no risk is acceptable but fortunately there's no risk at all in gain-of-function virus research conducted jointly with the Peoples Liberation Army;
  24. "vaccines" will save us;
  25. alternative prophylactics, palliatives, and treatments are evil;
  26. people who mention them are eviler;
  27. the threat of "disinformation" trumps everyone's First Amendment rights;
  28. if I read one incorrect fact I have no alternative but to embark on a homicidal rampage;
  29. no one needs to know the exact ingredients of any of the "vaccines";
  30. the unvaccinated are a threat to us all;
  31. the [insert name] "variant" is more deadly than all the rest;
  32. it's possible to mandate that employees accept experimental gene therapy but impossible to require employers to participate in e-Verify;
  33. adverse gene therapy reactions are minuscule (sorry about your kid);
  34. deficits are meaningless;
  35. debt is meaningless;
  36. it makes perfect sense for the central bank to pursue policies that destroy 50% of our savings every 36 years;
  37. the Social Security trust fund is safe and secure;
  38. government officials care about you and the country;
  39. American factories should be shipped to China by the tens of thousands;
  40. million-dollar payoffs to the president's son by Ukraine and China have no hidden quid pro quo and involve no ethical problems;
  41. it's normal for a U.S. Secretary of State to have her official email traffic routed through a server in her home bathroom;
  42. the Soviet/Chinese/Cambodian terror never existed;
  43. masculinity is toxic;
  44. Trump is crass (doesn't follow the script);
  45. the federal government can do whatever it wants so long as something floated across a state line sometime somewhere in the last 25 years;
  46. there are emanations from the penumbra of my German shepherd;
  47. Russia is evil;
  48. Russia is hell bent on expansionism;
  49. Putin's a thug;
  50. America has the God-given right to determine what government every nation on the planet should have because Exceptional Nation;
  51. Assad likes to bomb and gas his own people;
  52. the U.S. can wage aggressive war against Syria and not violate the U.N. charter or the Constitution;
  53. it is right and proper for the U.S. to steal oil from Syria and impose stiff sanctions on it;
  54. open borders are a blessing;
  55. multiculturalism is too;
  56. we're a propositional nation with a living Constitution;
  57. interracial marriage is the new ideal;
  58. this is absolute, positively not a once functioning white nation that was completely destroyed by mass immigration;
  59. it's impossible to deport foreign invaders and citizens demand they must instead be offered a "path to citizenship" and provided with health care and welfare;
  60. the United States is the true home of all people on earth;
  61. globalism will solve all our problems created by the poison of progressivism;
  62. homosexuality is normal and is to be promoted and celebrated;
  63. Americans demand that media personalities be cretins, clowns, and liars;
  64. Americans agree that the ultimate dream of the Founders and Ratifiers was for the United States to be ruled by billionaires, bankers, and unaccountable media monopolists;
  65. it's perfectly normal to have black radicals and AntiFa filth roam our streets and burn and loot without without interference from the police;
  66. people can change their sex like the channel on the TV; and
  67. Muslims are a perfect fit in every Christian nation.
There are others.

Was there ever in the history of man another time where there was such a massive effort to dictate such a grotesquely deformed elite version of how to handle the smallest details of life, even including our innermost thoughts? Or where the ruling elite depended on blatant censorship and violent street thugs to enforce its dictates?

Admittedly, this my usual litany of cosas terribles but I challenge any and all to say it's not something sorta kinda like an outline of our dying, lunatic nation. We no longer live in anything close to normal times and we should be aware of the toxic soup of propaganda in which we live. Alas, sooner or later the Cosmic Surgeon is going to look at the full accounting of our stupidities and crimes and say "Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow and it ain't optional." That would be the "won't go on" part of Herb Stein's genius observation. That things that can't go on won't.

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