April 12, 2022

Another load of Weather Channel climate change hysteria.

4/8/22 -- "Gallup Poll: 1 in 3 Americans Impacted by Extreme Weather in Last 2 Years." "The survey also found that people who are victims of extreme weather were more likely to be worried about climate change and to believe that we're already seeing its impact." [They may also be worried about climate change because you guys harp on it incessantly.] The Gallup Poll "comes after two years in a row of a record number of billion dollar weather and climate disasters in the U.S."

4/6/22 -- "Tropical Birds Disappearing." "Climate change may be to blame."

4/6/22 -- "Climate-Fueled Disasters Impacting Power Grid." "Experts say the country's power grid woes are an early warning sign that climate change is here and we're feeling its effect." And: "People across the country are facing more power outages as climate-fueled disasters batter the country’s aging electrical grid."

3/31/22 -- "Air-Choking Pollution From Wildfires Could Get Even Worse." Could "double in the next 30 years and triple by the end of the century according to new research. That's even worse than previous studies have shown meaning the potential for even more impact on people's health. . . ." Seen it increase in recent years "at the same time that warmer, drier weather fueled by climate change is pushing fire season to last longer and be more intense.

3/22/21 -- "Freak Heat in Antarctica: Temperatures 70 Degrees Above Normal." From -60 to 10 deg. Apparently centigrade. Warm, moist winds from the Pacific. Experts say it's difficult to attribute it to climate change" but The Weather Channel will give it its best shot: "[B]ut as the world warms events like this will be more likely."

3/18/22 -- "Shorter Winters Challenge Wildfire Prevention Efforts." Global warming making control efforts more difficult.

3/18/22 -- "Coastal Erosion Could Release Toxic Waste." And "if climate change supercharges storms and raises sea levels the problem will only get worse."

3/18/22 -- "Great Barrier Reef Suffers Another Episode of Widespread Bleaching." No mention of climate change but reef said to be experiencing widespread bleaching because of "weeks of unusual heat." Another "severe bleaching episode two years ago." Environmental "activists" say Australian government actions "not enough in this era of climate change and warming temperatures." Actual science: "Sea Temperatures at the Great Barrier Reef Haven’t Increased in 150 Years, Newly Uncovered Data Show." By Chris Morrison, The Daily Sceptic, 2/14/22.

3/12/22 -- "UN: IPCC Report ‘Atlas of Human Suffering’." "A new report from the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change finds the window is quickly closing to avoid catastrophic and irreversible effects of climate change."

3/8/22 -- "People Are Less Able to Cope With Temperature Extremes." "A new study finds that humans are less able to handle extremes of heat and humidity than has been thought, findings that have implications for heat waves that may be coming from climate change." Who knew?

3/8/22 -- "Amazon Nearing a ‘Tipping Point’ of Irreversible Decline, New Report Finds." Could "dramatically accelerate climate change and imperil many species."

3/4/22 -- "Warming Climate Making More People Sick." "Warmer temperatures fuel the spread of things like Lyme disease, dengue fever and cholera, according to the UN’s most recent climate report." Danielle Banks, Atlanta Meterologist, hittin' it hard, hard, hard as usual. 200 actual scientists. Warmer temps mean more insects and heavy rainfall and flooding events -- connected to climate change -- fuel the spread of water-borne disease like cholera. Also a link between respiratory disease and wild fires "which scientists say are becoming more intense." These kinds of "climate-change events have come sooner than expected and the panel projects they'll only get worse."

3/4/22 -- "Thousands of Hazardous Chemical Sites at Risk From Flooding, Wildfires." In areas at risk for flooding, wild fires, and other weather and climate change-related hazards. Risk is "only expected to rise in the future."

2/25/22 -- "ER Visits for Mental Health Issues Spike on Hot Days, Study Finds." Mental health problems as temperatures get warm and extreme heat increases. That would be "extreme" heat. "Last July was the planet's hottest month on record. And rising temperatures due to climate change are well documented." Hospitals need to be prepared for "increased mental health visits related to heat."

2/24/22 -- "Governments Worldwide Not Prepared for Rising Wildfire Threat, UN Says." "Catastrophic wild fires are expected to become more common as the planet warms and governments around the world are not prepared for the fallout." Report: climate change and changes in land use could increase likelihood of devastating fires by 30% in the next 30 years. More smoke and pollution and health problems.

2/15/22 -- "What a Town Consumed By Erosion Looks Like." Ocean is eroding coast at this Brazillian town. 500 homes already gone. It's at the mouth of a river that's shrinking and so is not depositing enough sand aaannnd climate change. Rising waters devouring coastlines. Half of the world's coastline communities could be extinct by 2100 but cutting greenhouse gas emissions, even moderately, could prevent a significant amount of that loss.

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