25 April 2007

An insane transformation for what reason?

If you genuinely love something then it is grotesque to be asked to celebrate its demise. Furthermore, the demand for change only ever works one way. The indigenous population is constantly urged to adapt to the ways of migrants, who seem allowed to import their lifestyles, customs and languages wholesale into Britain without any official challenge or disapproval.

Thanks to the twin malign forces of mass immigration and multi-culturalism,the scale of England's transformation is alarming. Though the collapse of our borders has made records unreliable, it is probable that more than 700,000 immigrants are arriving here every year.

Before the end of this decade the majority of London's residents will be from non-white ethnic groups. Other cities will soon follow. On even a conservative estimate, the indigenous population of England will be in a minority before the end of this century. . . .

* * * *

Full of loathing for their own country, Left-wingers recognised that they could not bring about their revolution by economic means after the downfall of communism. So instead they have cynically used mass immigration as a battering ram against old England--turning this once proud nation into little more than a landmass full of conflicting minorities.
Note that it was the left that deliberately brought this about. The "dog in the manger" left.

"How This One Great Land Lost Its Soul ." By Leo McKinstry, Daily Express, 4/23/07 <-- "An elegy to murdered England." By Lawrence Auster, View from the Right, 4/24/07.

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