25 April 2007

Why indeed?

"Why Must We Be Silent in the Face of Such Outrages?" By Adrian Morgan, Family Security Matters, 4/23/07.

We usually make much over the silence of Muslim religious leaders when it comes to Muslim outrages and their failure to issue any kind of fatwas against the awful crimes committed in the name of -- and because of -- Islam. The source above, we hasten to note, actually reports one such leader's condemnation of the killing of three Christians in Turkey:
In Turkey, the killings of the three Christians have been condemned by the most senior Muslim in the nation, Ali Bardakoglu, head of the Religious Affairs Directorate ["The nation’s leading state religious authority"].
We salute this individual.

Nonetheless, we note he didn’t issue a fatwa. He merely stated a personal opinion ("I hope that these bad examples will end . . . ."). There was no religious command to find and produce the criminals.

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