28 April 2007

Name that poet.

Guess the identity of the person who penned this fine poem:
The True Import of Present Dialog, Black vs. Negro.

Can you kill
Can you kill
Can a ni**er kill
Can a ni**er kill a honkie
Can a ni**er kill the Man
Can you kill ni**er
Huh? Ni**er can you
Do you know how to draw blood
Can you poison
Can you stab-a-Jew
Can you kill huh? Ni**er
Can you kill
Can you run a protestant down with your
‘68 El Dorado
(that’s all they’re good for anyway)
Can you kill
Can you piss on a blond head
Can you cut it off
Can you kill
A ni**er can die
We ain’t got to prove we can die
We got to prove we can kill
Give up?

Answer: Virginia Tech's Distinguished Professor of English and Black Studies, Nikki Giovanni, none other than the faculty member who "was asked to deliver the closing remarks at Virginia Tech's convocation memorializing the 32 slaughtered by Cho [Seung-hui]."

How very sad it is that this clueless university could not know this filth had been penned by one of its own faculty. God forbid that it knew but still invited Prof. Giovanni to speak.

"Cho’s Professor Nikki Giovanni: Teaching Hate At Virginia Tech." By Steve Sailer, Vdare, 4/22/07 (links removed).

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