28 April 2007

Sharia Enjoyment Strategy.

The Colonel has written before about the Sharia Enjoyment Strategy (SES).

Here's an excellent statement of that strategy:
There is no doubt that millions of people who were dreaming about an Islamic government, once it came to power in Iran, saw by themselves the realities of such a government and governance: its oppression, its dictatorship, its despotism, its cruelties. They realized that the Islamic Government of their dream is based on injustice, discrimination, segregation, apartheid instead of justice and equality of all people, regardless of their gender, faith and ethnic. They realized that a bunch of people are concentrating all the powers in their own hands without having the slightest competence for the powers they have grabbed. They realized that in an Islamic State, every one has to think and behave the way the leader thinks and dictates; that they have no rights, that they are treated as minors, mentally retarded. They realized that the Islamic Government of their dreams is nothing but a myth, a mirage and finally they realized that the true Islam is not compatible with freedom, free thinking, democracy, pluralism, justice, human rights. In one word, and in answer to your question: Yes, this could be a turning point in the weakening process of Islam as a political and social order, but certainly not as a religion. The 'political Islam' is falling down, collapsing, defeated, mostly in Iran.
~ Dr Mehdi Mozaffari.

Quoted in "The war against the west (7)." By Melanie Phillips, melaniephillips.com, 4/17/07.

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