22 May 2007

Gunslinger's Immigration Solution.

Gunslinger's Journal proposes a brilliant two-word solution to our illegal immigration problem.

Check it out here.

What is it with Americans that we can't bring ourselves to be mean to people who have just spit in our eye? What? We can't retaliate?

It's a Third World sucker game where some new outrage moves the marker deeper and deeper into our home territory. Once repositioned, it's the responsibility of American's to adapt to the new realities and never, ever to be unkind in how we react to the change.

And we can never, ever to be so crass as to point out what it was that illegals did to get where they are now. That's ancient history.

No. Americans have to figure out a way to be fair to illegals from that point forward.

Duty no. 1. Be fair.

After all, what would America be if we weren't fair?

Suggested answer: Not overrun with freeloading illegal immigrants and metastasizing MS-13 gangs.

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