23 May 2007

The voice of The People is heard in the land.

Wherein the Colonel speaks truth to power and emails the President on a matter of vital importance:
Dear Mr. President:


The federal government has lied about defending the border for 50 years. Anything you say, or any other federal official says, about how the border will be controlled is inherently suspect. You and all the rest have no track record on this and I want to see results on this ONE issue before I'm willing even to listen to whatever wild schemes you have in mind to flood the country with foreigners.

Amnesty -- no! Just drop it, ok?

Please deep six the rhetoric about the need for a "comprehensive" solution. You mean "simultaneous" solution and that's not necessary, any more than we need a "simultaneous" solution to our energy problems. By sticking to this duplicitous language you undermine your credibility totally.

Here's a simple guideline for your future U.S. immigration efforts: "Become inhospitable."

I'm sorry to be so disrespectful but you've not been respectful of us. I appreciate what you've done overseas militarily and the backbone you showed but I part company with you over this issue and will vote against ANYone in 2008 who's weak on border control or who votes for this cram-down, clown legislation.
Reading others' feeble attempts at throwing themselves rhetorically onto the tracks carrying the Leviathan engine of pantywaist socialism and prissy nervousnellyismTM usually has all the allure of watching Cuban zirconium infomercials.

And the above is no exception . . . but if anything will help to get the word back to Washington I'm willing to do it.

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