29 June 2007

The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Bush Presidency.

George Mason hands down the Bill of Particulars on the Bush presidency over at Brushfire (though do not fail to note that all presidents from Carter on measured at the height of "midget" vis-a-vis Iran):
The Executive Branch of the United States of America government has an [unenviable] track record regarding Iran. It spans the administrations of Jimmy Carter and EVERY president through to George W. Bush. It is "unenviable" because it is a moral travesty. Every president from Carter on has acted with moral cowardice toward Iran, and that includes the mighty Ronald Reagan. However, none has done worse than George W. Bush.
Bottom line: Iran has been 100% justified in believing that the U.S. will do precisely nothing to frustrate its plans for regional hegemony and an alliance with Russia and China.

The U.S. has simply been a force that could be safely ignored at any and all times.

Bush's groveling at the Islamic Center of Washington on June 27, 2007, shows that there is no steel in the man. Kiss up to the nearest Muslim is rule Numero Uno.

"The Keystone to the Bush Legacy: Iran." George Mason, Brushfires of Freedom, 6/14/07 (emphasis added).

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