23 June 2007

Interplanetary immigration raids.

The U.S. is initiating huge nationwide immigration enforcement actions.[1]

So far, there is no indication this is intended to impress voters on the eve of yet another push to rush through comprehensive immigration reform. Uncle Sam is serious about enforcement, it's clear, no matter the complexity of the proposed legislation itself.

The fact that the legislation has been drafted in Tagalog, Swahili, and Farsi is taken by some as a clue that the Congress and the President don't want much discussion about the actual provisions to be jammed down the of this latest bold attempt to heal this festering sore in the body politic. The active participation of Senators Kennedy, McCain, and Martinez in these legislative efforts has, however, laid these thoughts to rest.

MORE THAN 1,600 ARRESTS have been made in THE LAST NINE MONTHS in California alone. Even illegal immigrants who have been caught before and DEPORTED ALREADY have been found in these latest sweeps! And 26 fugitives were found who had the unmitigated gall, the effrontery, the temerity to have ignored deportation orders by judges!

Friends, my mind reels at these relevations.

But, we . . . can . . . relax, friends. You see, if California's population is 12% of the Nation's population (36/299 * 100%) and each state has an equal distribution of illegals, then California has 12% of the alleged 15,000,000[2] illegals who've made it across the border eager to fit themselves into their new Anglo-Saxon homeland.

California thus has some 1,800,000 illegals residing there. At a rate of 1,600 arrests every nine months as a result of "sweeps," dragnets, manhunts, posses, raids, and swoops (177 illegals arrested every month), the Federal Government will have solved California's problem with illegals in about 10,169 months or 847 years.

This is what gives the Colonel so much confidence that the two miles of new border fence that have been built since last November and this kind of interior enforcement activity are the iron fist in the velvet glove of amnesty.

It makes us proud. Yes, it does.

Doesn't it you?

[1]  "Immigration Officials Arrest 175 Fugitives in Sweep of Southern California." FoxNews.com, 6/22/07.
[2] The figure has by some kind of magic settled on 15 mill as the figure of recent illegals since the last amnesty. Personally, we think the true figure is probably more like 20 mill. Probably the 15 mill figure was arrived at by the same SWAG method we used.

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ExPreacherMan said...


I am happier today, now that I understand your calculations... As I figure, if I live to the age of Methuselah, I could see a restoration of out national sanity..

Except your figures don't account for the multiplication factor of the remaining families... thus I may need to live to age 2000. I feel better now.

Good analysis on the intentional lack of efficiency of government.