22 January 2010

Insight into advocacy journalism.

“Anonymous Anchorman” has some penetrating insights into fear mongering and advocacy journalism in the modern TV newsroom.

His description of how affirmative action policies operate is also revealing.

The aggregate result of it all is to ensure that pabulum, hyped danger from this or that bacterium or passing asteroid, and progressive views flood the screen.

The same dynamics operated in the U.S. Army with the Ft. Hood jihadi.

Concern for minority representation and a suicidal fear of “offending” some activist fringe of any particular minority group lead to truth’s being a secondary consideration where broadcasting information to the people or taking corrective official Army action are concerned.

You can listen to a 1,000 hours of local TV news on any station in the U.S. and never hear mention of wahhabi imams beavering away in local mosques and prisons, or of Jamaat al Fuqra action squads drilling in their enclaves around the U.S. Similarly, if you pick up the Army’s official report on the Ft. Hood jihadi you’ll have your work cut out for you to find the one mention (in a footnote) of the word “Islam.” Completely unmentioned are the words "jihad," "Shariah," "Muslim," "Muslim Brotherhood," "Salafi," "al Qaeda" or "enemy."

Affirmative action, exposure to inordinate civil damages for failure to promote the agenda and interests of minorities, and professional suicide for speaking the truth -- natural and inevitable consequences of multiculturalism -- are a circulating poison.

Truth may be the first casualty of war. It’s also the inevitable casualty in the war against the majority in this time of phony peace. And it is a war. We’re not supposed to notice it, but it is.

"Secrets of TV news: Confessions of an anchorman." By An Anonymous Anchorman - The Daily Caller, 01/15/10.


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