05 April 2010

Lucky ducks.

Our period of punishment is upon us for daring to think ourselves an exceptional country.
The belief that America is exceptional has for many become separated from an appreciation and understanding of the providential legal arrangements that made that true. It’s a belief no different from believing that we are incredibly lucky. If you believe this is an independent reality there’s nothing you need to do except enjoy the benefits of life in America. If one is a winner in the lottery of life by being born a U.S. citizen, all one has to do is spend the winnings.

We’re now like a man who bought an auto thinking he would never need to check the oil or replace the brake pads or the timing belt. Plus, we just lent the car to someone who answered our ad on Craig’s List last week. Now we’re ever-so-slightly slightly mystified by the strange noises under the hood, blue smoke coming out the back, missing GPS unit, and empty gas tank.

How can this be?

Comment by Banjo on “President Weirdo.” By Roger L Simon, Pajamas Media, 4/3/10.

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