08 April 2010

The unmitigated European immigration disaster.

Minette Marrin made a similar observation in "The Sunday Times" of August 13, 2006: "The [British] government has been either unwilling or unable to control, or to admit to even to estimate the vast numbers of new arrivals. Only now is it beginning to wonder whether this influx was an entirely good thing.
A very minor point from a long article but noteworthy for the tardy and tepid official brain event hypothesized. Frankly, I wonder if there's that much wonder at all. Still, there is much, much more in the article: drugs, gang rape, terror, intimidation, FGM, shariah, disease, polygamy, subversion, corruption, stolen enclaves, and stolen peace.

Europe is sinking under a third world immigrant tide with trafficking organizations seemingly more powerful than sovereign governments -- governments that have lost their minds and all claim to legitimacy.

This is utter, complete, total insanity. These are contemptible governments unwilling to deal with foreign invaders and to address treason. The citizens meekly support them and placidly swallow the lies about salvational political movements.

"Out of Africa: Illegal immigrants, crime, terrorism, polygamy and AIDS." By Emerson Vermaat, Militant Islam Monitor, 8/29/06 (emphasis added; footnotes omitted).

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